FM Suggests: The Pudding’s Next Big Show

The Wizard of Gauze
By Kate A Borowitz

The Wizard of Gauze

Dorothy is transported to an alternate universe, where plastic surgery reigns supreme. She meets up with the Tin Mannequin, Scare Crowsfeet, and Lion Aboutmyage. Good thing Dorothy has her trustworthy dog Toto Lee Fake by her side! Hilarity ensues.

Rock the Casper

Casper the groping ghost finds himself banished to the middle of the desert for being a bit too friendly. There, he stumbles upon the Palms desert oasis, full of hook-ups and hookah, and falls in love with belly dancer Petra Faied. But is he just too transparent to win her hand? Will voluptuous siren Camel A. Anderson use her humps to seduce him to bedouin? See what happens between the sheiks.

To Catch a Fief

Feeling nostalgic for a simpler time? Return to the frolicking days of fiefdoms and serfs! When the jolly bald baron loses his hair—I mean heir—an avaricious vassal, Serf Enturf, sees an opportunity to take over the fief. All seems within his grasp until an outbreak of plaque brings the cunning medieval dentist, Novice Cain, to town. Isn’t life peasant?

From Here to Fraternity

When the Alpha Male frat house is burned to the ground, the brothers immediately suspect campus TV personality Arson Daily. The only thing complicating matters is that Arson is best friends with the Alpha president Hugh Jeego. Will Hugh and Arson’s friendship survive? Is Hugh’s jealous roommate, Phillip Kup, trying to destroy their relationship? This epic bro-mance is guaranteed to pull at your heartstrings.

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