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Harvard Dating Lines to Make it or Break it

To say the least, the Harvard dating scene is not your average college dating scene. It sometimes seems impossible to just “catch a meal” with someone, and if you want to hear about dating woes straight from the mouths of students, just take a look at Harvard Confessions. With formals season coming up, however, many are on the lookout for a date. How do you know if they’re the one for you or if you’re better off just committing to your pset for now?

The Good…

If your date drops one of these, it’s safe to say you’ve found a keeper.

“I was featured in the Adams Housing Day video...”

Can we say starstruck? Adams’ video was top quality, so we’re betting your date must be too. Bonus points if they’ll perform a verse for you.

“Don’t worry, I cleared a day in my G-Cal for you!”

Wow, we can hear the wedding bells chiming already. If you can earn a few blocks in your sweetheart’s agenda, you know you’re a top priority.

The Bad…

Uh oh, major red flag alert! If you hear one of these, it may be time to jump ship.

“Oh my gosh! I recognize you from that party at the Igloo!”

Ouch. We love the Quad and its wholesome community, but some nights are best left forgotten. Maybe you can form a better connection when the sun’s out and your feet aren’t planted on sticky floor?

“I’m out of BoardPlus. Can you cover me?”

Really? A date on Harvard’s dime is always ideal, but mooching off your date is not the move. If you’re feeling forgiving, let it slide — but hopefully they offer to pick up the next date (if there is one).

The Ugly…

As soon as your date says one of these lines, make a speedy getaway. Things can only go downhill from here.

“Can I check if my AirPods charger works?”


“Yeah, and the most transformative thing about my McKinsey internship last summer was…”

We’re pretty sure no other college on the face of the planet has to deal with the whole is-this-a-date-or-do-they-just-want-me-to-endorse-them-on-LinkedIn issue. If resumes seem to be the only topic of conversation with your date, it might actually be an interview.

For those of you still in search of love post-Datamatch, be on the lookout for these key phrases on your next ~romantic~ encounter. Best of luck snagging a special someone to drag to the endless stream of formals coming up!

Do's and Don'ts of Flexing Your Harvard Acceptance

Now that Harvard acceptances are out, a lucky 4.5 percent of applicants get to proudly say that they’re coming to Harvard next year. Sometimes, however, that college announcement process isn’t quite as easy as it seems.

DO: Post where you will be going to school next year

College is a big deal and most of your friends and family will be wondering where you will be going. You clearly worked hard and got into, objectively, the best Ivy League school. Make sure to tag your post with #Harvard2023 and check out the hashtag to see and be seen by your new classmates.

DON’T: Post all your acceptances

While many people care deeply about you, no one cares to see the long (or short) list of where you were accepted to college. Nobody has ever been impressed by an “Anybody else deciding between Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, and MIT?” post; you just look arrogant. We know it’s hard for you to decide, but we don’t need to be privy to your decision (and neither do the thousands of people who got rejected).

DO: Get a few pieces of Harvard Merch

Once you have decided you are a future member of the Crimson, it is important to get swag to match. Check out the COOP, or apparently even H&M or Forever 21, for some Harvard gear. Get a t-shirt, sweatshirt, classic H sweater, or even a tasteful Veritas tattoo above your eyebrow to show your school pride. Just make sure that Harvard gear does not become the only thing in your wardrobe.

DON’T: Ever explicitly say you go to Harvard

Saying you go to Harvard, or dropping the H-bomb, as some may say, is never to be done when first meeting someone. Start by saying you go to school in Boston, and those in the know will get your Crimson connection. If people press on, continue to get more specific about the location. I go to school in Cambridge…next to the Charles River...between MIT and the Harvard Square T stop.

DO: Connect with your fellow classmates to talk about Harvard

Harvard 2023 already has a Facebook group that is up and running, as well as many group chats based on location, potential concentrations, or interests. Join these groups so you can talk about how excited you are about Harvard, without seeming like you are constantly flexing.

No One: Harvard:

Fall in Harvard Yard
It’s no secret that sometimes Harvard says things that make everyone wonder who exactly is behind all of the decisions and emails. Whether you take comfort in the wholesome predictability(nothing better than a #transformative experience) or you revel in the latest screenshot-worthy statement, Harvard is never at a loss for words. Here are some of our favorites.

No one:

Harvard: “The University will remain open for normal operations”

No amount of ice and snow can keep us from our studies, right? Yes, it may be freezing outside, but that’s what Canada Goose jackets were made for! By now, we all know that school is usually cancelled everywhere but here — nothing like sliding down the steps of Widener after a long day of classes.

No one:

Harvard: “Yardfest is going to be on a Sunday afternoon”

If you thought that the sole purpose of Sunday was to mourn the upcoming week, Harvard is here to prove you wrong. Wipe away those tears and dance on over to that pre-Yardfest block party, because there’s no better time to party than on a brisk April Sunday afternoon. Broad daylight as a beautiful backdrop for forming memories of a lifetime? Count us in. We all love ourselves a good once-per-semester darty!

No one:

Harvard: “Yard Closure this Friday – Please Plan Accordingly”

The annual Student Involvement Fair and the Head Of the Charles Regatta: just two of a select number of days every year where Harvard finds a way to be more exclusive than it already is. In all seriousness, we know that these Yard closures work to maintain safety during our school’s particularly hectic and high-profile events. We’re just glad we no longer have to endure this kind of bag check security every time we stumble out of Lamont.

No one:

Harvard: “Stay hydrated”

It seems like Harvard jumps at every opportunity to remind us to do the thing that keeps us alive… strange. Sometimes they sprinkle in a loving “make sure you eat enough”, and remember the Sleep 101 module? We really don’t understand why they feel the need to remind us of these things. Truly stumped on this one.

No one:

Harvard: “Optimal buzz”

Again, there seems to be a pattern here. Props to Harvard for making sure that Freshman start their college experience with a good community-building meme before they even get to campus.

No one:

Harvard: “A transformative experience –”

All Dean Khurana wants is for us to get the most out of these four years, and we had to turn it into a meme. Kids these days. Must everything be a meme? (Yes.)

Quiz: How Will You Find the Love of Your Life at Harvard?

Have you ever looked up from your pset and wondered when someone was going to sweep you off your feet and end your misery? Do you often rewatch your favorite rom-com while sobbing uncontrollably at the futility of your existence? Do you sit and wonder how you are platonically friends with so many attractive people? If any of this sounds remotely relatable, foresee the end of your loveless life by taking this Harvard soulmate quiz.

1) What would you consider the most romantic gift?

A) “Bayes Theorem for Babies”

B) An invitation to connect on LinkedIn

C) A bouquet of something that smells nice

D) Being surprised with your favorite vinyl

E) Chocolate

2) What is your third-wheeling style?

A) Making nerdy jokes the significant other won’t understand

B) Flirting with the significant other in hopes of breaking up the relationship just because you can

C) Following the couple around on dates while maintaining a safe distance

D) Sitting in a corner alone to sulk

E) Becoming three-way BFFs and thereby eliminating your role as a third wheel

3) What is your go-to rom-com?

A) “My Best Friend’s Wedding”

B) “Set It Up”

C) “Love Actually”

D) “Pitch Perfect”

E) “Mean Girls”

4) What trait do you value most in a significant other?

A) Honesty

B) Ambition

C) Sincerity

D) Attentiveness

E) Confidence

5) Describe your behavior around a crush

A) Nervous laughter

B) Normal because you don’t even realize you’re in love

C) Shy and reserved

D) Shooting them starry-eyed glances

E) Roasting someone is the best way to show your affection, right?

6) What is the location of your ideal date?

A) At Lamont Library, where you can sneak glances at them over the top of your textbook

B) At Starbucks, where you can pretend to be absorbed in your coffee whenever they catch you staring

C) While taking a walk, where you can gaze at them lovingly while they’re not looking at you

D) At a concert where you can look at them suggestively whenever a particularly romantic lyric arises

E) At a party where you can show off your fire dance moves

7) Which of these most closely matches your worst nightmare?

A) Not completing your pset on time

B) Messing up an interview and not landing your dream job

C) Being labelled the college klutz (oh wait you already are)

D) Playing a wrong note during an orchestra performance

E) Being outwitted by the annoying section kid


Mostly As - You will fall in love with your pset buddy! Maybe you’ll lock gazes during a study break and use homework as an excuse to spend time together. Who knows? Maybe with enough time, the chemistry between you guys won’t be from a textbook!

Mostly Bs - We’ve all had those cutthroat classroom rivalries fraught with tension in high school — the heated debates, the struggle to ask better questions than each other, the subtle corrections and shade throwing. Now that you’re all grown up, maybe they’ll slip you their business card at a recruiting event and you can fall in love After all, they do say that there’s a thin line between love and hate

Mostly Cs - Prince Charming awaits you! While you will not rush out of a ball at midnight (we all know a good party lasts way past 1 a.m., this person is always there to help you carry your stack of books out from Widener when the clock strikes midnight. Be prepared to be swept off your feet by a mysterious dreamy stranger.

Mostly Ds - The edgy arts scene at Harvard has you in its grasp, and you walk into a slam poetry contest or concert, exchanging deep glances with the star performer who suavely asks you out after the show. Be prepared to be serenaded, though let’s hope he doesn’t take a page out of Taylor Swift’s book if things don’t end up working out.

Mostly Es - Throwing caution to the wind, you drink all your stress away, and while you are at the optimal buzz, you are approached by an equally drunk stranger with whom you laugh a little too loudly and whose name you miraculously still remember the next morning. After some Gatorade, you’ll switch those hangovers into hangouts.

The Definitive 2019 Harvard Housing Day T-Shirt Ranking

Housing Day Mascots
In our eyes, the moose took this one home pretty handily
We ranked the Housing Day videos, now we’re here to tell you which houses had the best Housing Day t-shirts!

1) Dunster

Dunster reps a dark blue shirt with the Canada Goose logo but redesigned as “Canada Moose.” This look hits all the right notes: The pun is simple; the reference makes sense; the colors are on point. The most impressive part? Dunster somehow managed to take one of the bougiest brands and make it even more exclusive. Totally on brand.

2) Pforzheimer

It seems like multiple houses looked to fashion for inspiration. Pfoho’s black shirt features the Patagonia logo but redesigned to feature the house’s outline and the word “Pforzheimer.” The logo is distinctive and the reference is nice too: Polar bears and cold weather gear go hand in hand.

3) Kirkland

Kirkland went with a summer camp logo with a boar’s head in a blue circle surrounded by leaves and the words “Camp Kirkland.” It’s cartoony and whimsical, which is a little unusual but makes for a unique aesthetic. A good design and points for going against the trend.

4) Cabot

Another house, another clothing brand design. Cabot’s “Supreme” redesign is an all-white shirt with a red rectangle in the middle and the words “Semper Cor.” It’s plain and simple but the style it references is too so the look is fine. It’s a good design choice but feels like it is missing just a little something to put it over others.

5) Mather

What would college be without references to cheap beer? Mather redesigned the Miller High Life logo as “Mather House Life.” The logo works well and the colors pop. All in all a fun reference and appropriate to college life.

6) Adams

This black shirt features a little acorn logo made up of the words “Go Nuts.” The simple look makes the red and gold that is synonymous with Adams stand out and the simple graphic of Adams’s tower on the back is very cute. As for the slogan itself, it’s a cute logo and pun and does the job well enough.

7) Quincy

Quincy’s all-red shirt features a little penguin with sunglasses and the words “Some of y’all didn’t get Quincy... and it shows.” Twitter memes are fleeting and while the joke is amusing now, I’m concerned about the survivability of this design. It’s a nice enough reference, however, and the penguin logo is unreasonably cute if nothing else.

8) Eliot

Eliot’s shield is the only thing on the front of their blue shirt. It’s a pretty bold move to assume your house shield can speak for itself, but Eliot manages to pull it off. It’s a simple design but good enough. When it comes to these shirts, sometimes less is more.

9) Currier

Similar to others, Currier went the luxury route and echoes an exclusive brand. Their black shirt features the white Chanel double-C logo with the word “Currier” below it. The connection here, however, is less clear. Did they choose Chanel only for the C?

10) Leverett

Lev’s shirt has nothing but the word “Leverett” on the front but with a pair of rabbit ears replacing the letter V. The bunny ears are a cute touch, but they’re not enough to make the shirt stand out. A nice concept, but they could have done better on the execution.

11) Lowell

This design doesn’t really hit any of the right notes. The front of the shirt features the Lowell house shield and name while the back has a teacup graphic and the phrase “We’re steep competition.” The combo in the front is a little boring, the pun is not great, and there’s no mention of the renovations which seems like a missed opportunity.

12) Winthrop

All-white shirt with a tiny lion logo and the words Winthrop Housing Day 2019 in the corner. Plain color. Plain font. Plain logo. So much empty space. So much wasted potential.

Marie Kondo: Harvard Edition

It’s spring, which means it’s time to clean out your closet (and your life in general), Marie Kondo-style. The KonMari Method says that you should only keep things in your life that truly spark joy. If not, make like Ariana Grande: Thank it, and move on.

Like Kondo does, we have to organize our Harvard lives into categories to make the process more efficient.


Lamont Library

The smell of desperation and anxiety may be palpable here, but we just love to hate Lamont. Let’s remember that Lamont is always here for us and Lamont Cafe’s chocolate Javiva never fails to pick us up. We definitely feel sparks of joy here: I think we’ll keep Lamont.

Cabot Science Library

Let’s face it: Cabot is a place you go when you want to get work done but just end up staring at your computer for hours not getting anywhere. Getting nothing done definitely doesn’t spark joy. We think this one belongs in the discard pile. Cabot: Thank you, next.


That One Blockmate Who Never Cleans Up

Maybe they’re a really cool person — we get that — but if they’re adding to the clutter in your life, do you really need them in your space? Thank them for the memories and move on. You can still be friends but maybe you’re not well (suite)d to be roommates.

Your Kinda-Sorta-Not-Really Friend

The noncommittal texts and random meetings as you’re walking through the Yard promising to “definitely grab a meal sometime” are really draining your energy. Think critically about these interactions. Do they really spark joy? If not, thank your friend for being a friendly face and let go of that noncommittal planning.

Academics and Extracurriculars


To fully declutter your life and bring about maximal happiness, think deeply about what you’re involved in. Does your consulting club bring you joy? If yes, keep it! If not, maybe reevaluate and think about joining something more wholesome like the Harvard Undergraduate Beekeepers Club instead.


Are you falling asleep or failing to hand in those psets? It’s probably because your heart’s not in it. Though you may need this class for your concentration, take a beat and metaphorically throw it away. Understand that this particular class might not spark joy, but it may also just be a necessary evil in your life. Same goes for psets and papers. There’s no way to actually throw them away, but we can pretend. No thank you.

Your Physical Space: Dorm and Digital

That Mug You Keep Forgetting to Wash

We know you keep saying you’ll do it, but be real with yourself — will you ever get around to cleaning that mug? Whether it sits menacingly on your shelf or you leave it in your communal bathroom, it’s time to part ways. To fully declutter your life, the KonMari method tells us that step one is to fully commit. Say thank you, and invest in a cuter cup that you’ll actually want to use.

Your Downloads Folder

Why on earth are three copies of the prompt for that paper you handed in two months ago still sitting on your computer? Unless fewer gigabytes leftover for downloading movies spark joy for you, it’s time to say goodbye.

The Succulent You Somehow Managed to Kill

Your plant used to once be green, but after leaving it unwatered for a bit too long (just as you do yourself on a night out), somehow you defied all odds and killed the plant that you were told was the easiest to take care of. Unfortunately, it no longer sparks joy, so thank your plant for adding some much-needed oxygen and greenery to the room while you did.

Hopefully, this method will help you tidy up your life here at Harvard. But if decluttering your own life isn’t enough, you can always learn more about the KonMari method from Marie Kondo’s book or Netflix special.

TLDR; if it sparks joy, keep it, and if it doesn’t, say thank you and part ways.

Love it or Hate it: Paper vs. Problem Set Classes

What’s the better way to suffer: writing papers or doing psets? The debate is older than Harvard itself. Let’s settle this once and for all with some ~spicy~ points from our writers.

Papers: Rachel L. Reynolds and Stuti R. Telidevara

Objectively, papers win over psets every time. First of all, they’re at least a little more fun because you get to actually be creative. Can you put a fun, punny title on a pset? Didn’t think so. Not to mention, as long as you have the evidence to back you up, you can basically write whatever you want. There’s no set answer, so you can fake your way through a paper much more easily than a pset. Plus, you can justify basically any procrastination as part of the “writing process.” On the other hand, when you’re doing a pset, you’re either working or feeling awful about yourself for not working. And why be at the mercy of a study group to save you, when you can just grind it out yourself while listening to that perfect writing playlist you made in order to procrastinate even more? We all know there’s a clear winner here.

Problem Sets: Peyton A. Jones and Hannah J. Humes

Everyone loves to complain about psets, but they’re truly the only tolerable form of classwork. First things first: There’s actually a right answer. While a particular TF’s strictness can make or break your essay grade in a non-pset class, the right answer on a pset is all you need. Of course, getting to that correct solution is easier said than done. Luckily, the time-honored tradition of collaboration on tough problems makes the process doable (while abiding by the Honor Code of course). Late nights in the library working through difficult questions and/or cycling through the five stages of grief bond pset classmates together for life and help even the most notoriously grindy of courses (“Chemistry 27: Organic Chemistry of Life,” we’re looking at you) seem manageable. But if you and your study buddies’ collective brainpower just can’t hack a particularly impossible problem, fret not — office hours for pset classes are actually helpful. Gone are the days of vague feedback in essay-writing classes. And if all of the above points still leave you stranded, you’ve got one last shot: the magic of YouTube. Don’t understand how your friends and TFs are explaining a problem? Google your way into understanding. If you’re not #TeamPset by now, you might just have bad taste.

The Definitive 2019 Harvard Housing Day Video Ranking

Now that spring break is over and the dust has settled, without further introduction, here are the 12 Housing Day videos ranked by a professional in the field (aka, a tired freshman who watches too many vine compilations).

1) Adams

Chances are, you’ve heard at least one person randomly bring up the Adams Housing Day video during section. Rightfully so, of course. Adams is the clear winner this year, with the insanely impressive lyricism and video editing that give its video a professional feel. Everything about it is so smooth yet witty, which made all the freshmen this year rap along (yes, including the yeehaw verse).

Rating: 5 stars for the sampling during the second half, the entire kitchen scene, and the jab at Kirkland’s flag.

2) Lowell

Raps are definitely a common theme this year, and Lowell didn’t disappoint by flexing about its new and shiny house. The scenes are filled with tea drinking and cool transitions, and everyone really can’t help but be jealous about its renovations and abundance of singles.

Rating: 4.8 stars for comparing Mather House to a block, the violin scene, and skillful use of confetti.

3) Currier

Currier was admirably realistic enough to depict a disappointed freshman getting his/her house, but it made sure to show us its community side to compensate. The video has a lot of aesthetic House shots, and the beat change in the middle keeps it lively and entertaining. “Mamma Mia!” is always a solid way to go.

Rating: 4.3 stars for the singing chorus and people brave enough to wear a dress outside.

4) Cabot

Shoutout to Cabot for bringing its fish to life! Cabot’s spin on “Fergalicious” was fun and lively: It was filled with subtle flexes about having the one and only Dean Khurana and being ranked highly on senior surveys. Different spaces like the iconic Cabot Café were featured, and the -icious rhymes were abundant and creative.

Rating: 4.2 stars for the fish suit and a dancing Dean Khurana.

5) Eliot

Eliot made sure to flex its swipe access powers and its annual “Fête” event through a heavy beat. Seeing female representation in the newly invented Harvard rapping scene is great, and the bold moves and dramatic zoom-ins just made us love it even more.

Rating: 4.1 stars for random “Charles!” exclamation and the gym flex.

6) Pfoho

Instead of showing anything about its house, Pfoho used its Housing Day video to follow the enchanting adventure of a polar bear — but we’re not complaining. It was pretty funny to watch the polar bear hunt for “riverlings” in order to feed her vulnerable freshman cubs.

Rating: 4.1 stars for a unique layout and the David Attenborough voice.

7) Mather

More female rappers bring the heat in Mather’s Housing Day video, letting us know that freshmen are welcome with Mather’s lack of dining restrictions and very cute dogs. Actually winning intramurals is always a good flex too.

Rating: 3.9 stars for the Conan O’Brien poster and the yellow clout sunglasses.

8) Winthrop

Though many of the housing videos used rapping, two houses used Ariana Grande songs to show off the ways they are better. Winthrop’s video follows the lead singer gleefully thanking Winthrop alongside local residents, with the lion mascot lurking in the back or dancing on tables. Overall, it was upbeat and fun.

Rating: 3.8 stars for the intro sequence, House views, and burn book.

9) Leverett

Leverett also brought us rapping that uses Cardi B as a solid starting template. With “IM’s in the bag” and scenes on the bridge, it’s entertaining and makes good points. The Spanish verse is cute too.

Rating: 3.7 stars for the fur coat and subtle bunny twerking.

10) Quincy

Quincy made a bop sung in minor feel lighter with all the penguin costumes, and most of the scenes featured pretty good dancing in random places around the house. Got the song stuck in my head again, though.

Rating: 3.6 stars for penguin dancing.

11) Dunster

Dunster has had a great track record, with past videos including Another Day of Dunster and Holding Out for Dunster. This year’s Fairly OddParents storyline is a solid idea but got a little lost in translation. For such a bougie house, Dunster could also have used more than just shots of the library and the dining hall.

Rating: 3 stars for the delicious food and adorable kid.

12) Kirkland

Kirkland’s Housing Day video consists of one guy randomly walking to places while pointing and shrugging. Does anyone ever understand Kirkland Housing Day videos? The harmonizing of voices could have been worse — when they weren’t busy laughing.

Rating: 1 star for the (British?) accent.

What to Show Your Friends When They Visit

Whenever anybody drops by Cambridge to visit us, we are faced with a dilemma: do we flex on them as hard as possible or go the humble route? Do we go on typical Harvard tourist activities or drag them to only niche hole-in-the-walls? Ah, the trials of living on such a tour-able campus.

For the ‘Salt of the Earth’

If your visitor is all about the small things, take them on a stroll along the Charles River. The views from the Weeks footbridge are sure to be a reminder of the sheer scale of the Harvard community. Grab some HUDS oats for any ducks and geese you may see swimming along (avoid dumping them on the crew team). Bonus points if you drop some wisdom about how the sights remind you “to stop and enjoy the journey once in a while before it’s all gone.”

For the ‘Pseudo-Intellectual’

If your friend is convinced that Harvard is a temple to wisdom and innovation, maybe avoid Lamont and the realities of college life. Go to Widener instead where the grandeur of the Loker Reading Room and Harry Widener’s study with its Gutenberg Bible are sure to impress. If that’s not enough, swing by the stacks and show them floor after floor of books that encompass all of human history. Maybe leave out the other thing students do in the stacks.

For the ‘Goldman-Sachs Interns’

If your guest is more interested in Harvard’s endowment than our classes, opt to take them to the Harvard Art Museums where all you need to sound fancy is to talk about the “brushwork” and say those few words you remember from French 10. Casually drop alumni names like FDR and JFK. Finish it off with brunch at Henrietta’s Table. Just don’t mention you’re paying with Crimson Cash.

For the ‘Party Animal’

Let’s be real — social life at Harvard is a struggle. This option is rather niche, but if your person is interested in living out a scene from “Spring Breakers,” a final club is probably your best shot. If you’re less inclined, however, you could go the Quad and crash a couple of parties there. Hit up the common party spaces like the Aquarium or the Igloo. Make sure you get there early though; if the ambulances are there before you, you’re probably out of luck.

It’s ultimately up to you to figure out what your visitor is looking for in Cambridge, but fortunately, Harvard’s got a wide range of options for all kinds of people. If none of these are calling to you, maybe just take them to grab a burrito from Jefe’s at midnight and then watch Netflix together in your common room. It won’t be amazing, but at least it’ll be realistic.

Housing Day Playlist 2019

Good music improves any good time, and Housing Day is no exception. Whether you’re "Crying in The Club" because you’d "Rather Be" in the "River", or you’re feeling "Good as Hell" and ready to call home and say "Hey Look Ma, I Made It" because you got the house of your dreams, this is the playlist for you. Featuring fresh new bops and songs from iconic housing day videos, check out our Housing Day 2019 Spotify playlist.

Housing Day How-To for Upperclassmen

Every year around Housing Day, PAFs, proctors, and the College at large trip over themselves to tell freshmen exactly what to expect and what to do. But for upperclassmen, it’s not as clear how you should go about Housing Day, from dorm-storming to skipping classes. So, we put together some advice for those of us on the other end of that fateful Thursday. If you’re going to pretend to love Harvard for one day a year, you should go hard, right?

Listen to HoCo

We know, it sounds like the most boring tip in the world, but each house does actually have its own procedure on the morning of Housing Day. Your HoCo should have a plan in place, so be sure to know what’s happening when. That way you won’t wake up earlier than you need to...or, worse, stumble into the dining hall after everyone’s already gone. Which brings us to...

You Don’t Actually Need to Wake Up That Early

If you want to grab breakfast and hang out with the growing crowd, then you can be up at 6 a.m., or whatever floats your boat. But realistically, even if your house is super aggressive about being the first to Harvard Yard, don’t expect to leave on time. Nothing is stopping you from just rolling out of bed and joining the dorm-stormers.

Dress Practically

The only reason you might want to be on time to breakfast is to make sure you get a t-shirt in a size you prefer. If your HoCo is good about sizing in their orders, this shouldn’t be an issue, but if you’d rather be safe then go for it. And don’t wear something you particularly like to storm dorms. Mud and/or snow is almost guaranteed to get all over your footwear (and possibly your pants!) as you cavort around the Yard, and you do not want to be the sucker in white sneakers.

To Alcohol or Not to Alcohol?

Maybe we’re all really freshmen at heart, because while they debate whether or not to River Run, we’re deciding if pregaming on a Wednesday night is the smart thing to do. Some people truly think they should stay up all night, which sounds terrifying to us, but you do have spring break to sleep it off…

Overall we’re on the fence about whether or not alcohol actually improves the Housing Day experience. Yeah, it would be funny to go to your morning classes plastered, but the dorm-storming itself is a messy business of running up and down cramped staircases. You decide if you want to be sober for that or not.

It’s Not About You!

As nice as it is to see that some houses really can manage to muster up spirit for one day, the most important thing to keep in mind is that Housing Day is about the freshmen, not you. Dorm-storming is fun for us, but it can be really overwhelming to have a crowd of questionably sober upperclassmen rushing into your suite. Enjoy yourself, but be conscious of how freaked out the people in the suite are, and consider dialling it back every now and then.

We know that housing is not that deep, and the vast majority of people grow to really love where they live. Freshmen don’t necessarily know how true that is. So if you’re in an “unpopular” house, take a moment to reassure the incoming class. And if you’re in a “popular” house, feel free to wild out...but don’t take it out on frosh who get an “unpopular” one. Your personality can be more than just hating on the Quad, you know.

Extenuating Circumstances

In general we are very pro-skip-your-classes for such an occasion. But there are certain circumstances that mean even house pride should be put aside. If you have a midterm, for the love of all that is good, go to your midterm. Seniors, if you’re turning in your thesis the night before Housing Day, don’t put off your work. Housing Day is really fun, but it will come another year for most of us.

Whether you’re new to Housing Day as an upperclassman or not, the prospect of a quarter of the college finding out where they’ll spend the next three years deserves celebration. This housing day, have a blast with your house and Harvard spirit, and make it a day that the freshmen will remember.

Housing Market 2019!

It's time for Flyby's annual countdown to Housing Day with our annual feature: Housing Market!

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Happy Housing Day! May the Housing gods look favorably upon you!

Overheard: LS1b Midterm

With midterms in the air, no one loves to complain more than the STEM kids in our lives. This holds especially true for those poor pre-med students and procrastinators alike who gathered last Monday for the LS1b midterm. We sent a reporter to witness the pre-exam fun.

“I have one pencil that actually works...”

Ah yes, we’re back at that point in the semester where we have exactly one pencil to our name, and any papers we get are just shoved into our backpacks. Not even the impending doom of a midterm can motivate us to toss an extra pencil into our backpack before walking into the exam room. Spring break really can’t come soon enough!

“Does anyone have an extra calculator?” “Yes, but it’s a small baby.”

They really weren’t kidding. Imagine hoping for that TI-84 of your dreams, and instead getting one that fits in the palm of your hand. I’m not sure what kind of math happens during these midterms, but hopefully for the sake of this poor soul it wasn’t anything that requires more than a “baby” calculator.

*Quietly slides a succulent into their bag as the test is starting*

A good luck charm? A gift? One last reminder of happiness before a terrible exam? Not sure if more or less context would make this better, but either way this is probably one of the best test-taking strategies I’ve seen. Remind me to grab a small houseplant on the way to my next midterm.

“I just threw up in my mouth.”

You know, I feel for you. LS1b seems like a tough time. Would I be feeling like this if I had to take it? Probably. But to be fair, you did sign up for this. Maybe try to avoid the whole throwing up thing though — I can’t imagine that would be good for your Scantron.

Judging by these comments, I’m really not sure how well this midterm went for these poor pre-meds. But all jokes aside, to our future doctors, don’t let one #yikes of a midterm get you down. And to the rest of you, here’s hoping that your midterms are a lot less stressful.

The Best Blocking Group Names of the Class of 2022

March 2008
Well done, Class of 2022
You know it’s spring at Harvard when all anyone can talk about is panicking over summer program application deadlines, getting wrecked by pre-Spring Break midterms, and anticipating Housing Day. Check out this Flyby-approved list of some of the best blocking group names from the Class of 2022!

block and roll (like rock and roll)

A classic pun. We also appreciate the explanation — nearly missed the joke there.

Block Dirty To Me

As hardcore Jason Derulo fans, we are ~living~ for the song reference.

Dean Khurana's phone number

The one thing that everyone wants. We’re curious, though — does a name like this increase your chances of getting a Quad House?

Does this spark joy?

This name absolutely does, and we’re hoping your Housing Day will too.

hollaBLOCK girls

Our favorite bop of the mid-2000s rolled into a blocking pun? Yes, please.

It's 5 O'Block Somewhere

Though there are quite a few puns with the word “block”, this is the perfect blend of classic and original. Good work, y’all.

Lawrence S. Blockow

Please link with “Dean Khurana’s phone number” and bring our favorite Harvard bromance to life.

Shuttle Asian Traits & Subtle Asian Blocking

Your favorite Facebook page forever immortalized in a blocking group name. Hopefully you get the Quad or Mather so you can make use of that aforementioned shuttle on the daily.


This name had us cackling for days on end. Good work, you meme-loving lunatics, and props for being willing to step outside of the “blocking” pun world.

With the excitement (and drama) of blocking in the rear view window, all that’s left now is to wait in anticipation for the one and only Housing Day. For now, though, keep flexing your oh-so-clever blocking group names while they’re still relevant.

The Top 3 A La Mode Dhall Desserts

Ice Cream Sandiwch
It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!
Although it’s always hard to make something Instagram worthy, it’s still worth trying out these desserts made from dining hall ingredients when you’re too broke and cold for J.P. Licks.

Ice Cream Sandwich

As the title suggests, you need two cookies with ice cream in the middle for this one. Heating the cookies in the microwave beforehand makes it 1,000 times better, and adding some sweet toppings like melted peanut butter, caramel, or banana makes it ever better. Crushed up Froot Loops on the side is also a great way to go.

Fruit Parfait

This one’s a nice refresher on a Tuesday morning. It’s pretty self explanatory: Take a plastic cup and start with a layer of yogurt at the bottom. From here you can get creative and try a layer of chopped up banana, another layer of yogurt, or a layer of crumbled cookie. The possibilities are endless — bonus points if you make it pretty.

Cup Sundae

A sundae in a cup! For this one, you can mix together three quarters vanilla ice cream and one quarter chocolate milk for a little extra flavor (coffee or chocolate ice cream are great options too). Top it off with any dessert items you can find, including but not limited to cake, fudge, whipped cream, cookies, and banana chips.

Voilà! Enjoy your dhall dessert a la mode!

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