The Best Visitas Eats in Harvard Square

By Elena Ramos
Check out the Harvard Square eateries you have to try during Visitas!
By Cindy Li

By Cindy Li

Now that you’re at Harvard, let’s discuss the burning question that has been on all of your minds: Where will I eat when the dining hall just isn’t doing it for me? From late night to date night eats, Flyby has you covered. Read on for a comprehensive list of which restaurants to cram into your busy Visitas weekend.

Early Bird Gets the Worm


Since you won’t get to experience the long-awaited Veritaffle until Sunday brunch, a Zinneken’s waffle is the only suitable alternative. Small and cozy, Zinneken’s offers authentic Belgian waffles and a list of delicious toppings to choose from. Keep it sweet and simple with nutella and strawberry, or test your limits with cookie butter, bananas, dark chocolate, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream! Pro tip: Grab Zinneken’s again for lunch at the Zinneken’s food truck in the plaza outside the Science Center, and then take advantage of the restaurant’s late hours (9 a.m. to midnight Friday-Saturday and 9 a.m.-9 p.m. on Sunday) for a sweet dinner. After all, who needs a break(fast) from Zinneken’s?

Waffles don't get better than this
Waffles don't get better than this By Sophie Levin and Olivia A. Nicholls

Black Sheep Bagel Cafe

Are you a true bagel connoisseur already lamenting your lack of a real New York or New Jersey bagel? Want to show off your bagel expertise to your new Visitas friends? Maybe you just want to take a break from all the Visitas hubbub and get some work done in a laid back, productive environment? With its aesthetic decor and extensive bagel options, Black Sheep will have you running baaaa-ck for more.

Lunch Break!

Hokkaido Santouka Ramen

We all know that ramen is a rite of passage for college students, so what better meal to have at Visitas than delicious authentic ramen from Santouka? The long lines are worth the wait, but make sure to use Yelp to get a spot on the waitlist if you’re running short on time. Warning: After a Santouka experience, stirring hot water into styrofoam cups will never quite satisfy your ramen cravings.

This is a much bougier version of the thing you'll be eating a lot of
This is a much bougier version of the thing you'll be eating a lot of By Olivia A. Nicholls

Border Cafe

Large portions of Mexican food at very affordable prices? Sign us up. As a Harvard student, you’ll spend countless evenings at Border for friend’s birthdays, get-togethers, and other events, so you might as well get a preview of it now. While you might not be a broke college student just yet, take our word for it. No matter what Mexican dish you’re fantasizing about, Border will satisfy your every craving.

Border is a Square favorite for Harvard students
Border is a Square favorite for Harvard students By Jessica M. Wang

Late Night Eats

El Jefe’s

Ending the night at Jefe’s is a tradition that begins at Visitas and will persist through your four years at Harvard. Nothing wraps up the night like watching the Jefe’s employee wrap your overly stuffed burrito (and not charge you extra for guac). Feeling something a little lighter? This sounds cheesy, but Jefe’s cheese quesadillas are bound to have you feeling warm and fuzzy.

Pinocchio's Pizza

Of course, you can’t come to Visitas and not try Pinocchio’s (or Noch’s, as students lovingly refer to it). They say that this is where the Zucc — otherwise known as Mark Zuckerberg — frequented. With its affordable square slices of Sicilian pizza, we promise we’re telling the truth when we say that this will not be your last time rolling through to grab a quick slice.

We know it’s called the Freshman 15, but with this guide, why not use Visitas weekend to get a head start?

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A picture of the Zucc lies on the wall of Noch's, gazing upon Harvard students as they gobble pizza
A picture of the Zucc lies on the wall of Noch's, gazing upon Harvard students as they gobble pizza By Emilie Robert Wong
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