If Your Friends Were HUDS Foods

Nothing better than post-Ec10 sweet potato fries.
Nothing better than post-Ec10 sweet potato fries. By Sophie G. Garrett

New term, same food. If we’re honest, our lives revolve around HUDS: What’s on today’s menu? What are the latest dining hall hacks? And the question on everyone’s mind: if your friends were HUDS foods, what exactly would they be?

The soft serve friend:

This person is your go-to, reliable dessert after a long day of psetting. They can be counted on when the meal is bad. Take an evening off and ask them to hang out. They won’t bail on you, and you’re sure to have a good time.

The sweet potato fries friend:

Nothing better than post-Ec10 sweet potato fries.
Nothing better than post-Ec10 sweet potato fries. By Sophie G. Garrett

This person is that best friend who you don’t get to see that often, probably because they are in high demand. But when you see on Harvard Today that they are on the lunch menu, your morning instantly becomes bearable. It's kind of alright that you don't see them frequently, because you know that when they resurface they'll be just as amazing as your remember them being.

The Cracklin’ Oat Bran friend:

This person looks like a healthy multi-grain breakfast item, but they are actually a cookie with little to no nutritional value. Don’t believe them when they say they’ve finished next week’s essay and got ten hours of sleep last night because they most likely stayed up all night doing today’s work and covered up their sleep deprivation with coffee.

The salad bar friend:

This person is everything to everyone. You pick what you like from them and leave what you don’t like, and they are happy to personalize for you. Definitely make an effort to dig deeper to learn more about their true character. No one can be everyone's friend.

The chocolate syrup friend:

This person is underrated and incognito (do you even know where to find the chocolate syrup in your dining hall?) but they can really add an extra dimension to any food item. Don’t let them hide in the "back fridge" of your friend group—bring them along to add some excitement to a boring trip to The Coop.

So which friend are you? Pro-tip to enliven any awkward Annenberg conversation: ask for a HUDS food to describe their personality, or assign them one yourself. Just don't describe them as the "catch of the day," because that will definitely lead to social disaster.

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