Flyby Remembers: Food of the Before-Times

By Madison A. Shirazi

To all the campus food I’ve loved before,

It was a long year away from Harvard and the comfort of HUDS’ finest cuisine for those of us here pre-March 2020. Coming back to campus, we didn’t expect to find college just as we left it: we’ve grown up from freshmen in Annenberg to sophomores/juniors/in-betweeners facing thesis planning and punch. But who could have guessed the HUDS-shaped hole in our hearts would never heal just right? If you, too, stare nostalgically at your dhall tray – reminiscing the meals that once were and those that failed to outlive the pandemic — take a trip down memory lane with us as we memorialize our favorites.

Bistro Bowls

If you never knew HUDS food could be fancy, you’ve clearly never seen a bistro bowl. Steak poutine? Chicken tandoori? Yes, please. Back in the olden days, young freshmen, burgers from the grill were not the only way to get a break from Red’s very frequent Best Catch. We miss you, bistro bowls.

Tomato Basil Raviolini

All tomato soup is not made equal. Peak dhall soup consists of a creamy tomato-basil blend riddled with miniature stuffed pockets of pasta. This is entirely different from mostly-blended, chunky bits of tomato: That’s called marinara sauce and belongs to a whole other food group. We love you, HUDS, but please give us back our glorified Chef Boyardee.

Mozz Sticks

Technically, these came from the beloved House grilles, and technically, they should return soon with the Quad Grille’s impending resurrection. Still, it’s been tragically too long without the greasy crunch of fried cheese, and we must educate the younger generations. Be prepared to blow through your BoardPlus at an alarming rate as soon as these babies reappear. Lactose intolerant who?

Vegan Chili

Does anybody else on campus miss the warm, chunky, mushroom-vegetable medley that was HUDS vegan chili? Probably not. But dear HUDS, if you’re hearing this, there’s at least one mega fan out here, and quinoa sweet potato chili just does not compare.

Border Café

This is in no way, shape, or form related to Harvard University Dining Services, but our hearts were broken (and still are) by this staggering loss. Sure, we still have Felipe’s and we’ll always have Jefe’s. But Border Café, our love for you burns brighter than the fire that closed your doors.

It’s crazy to think about how half of our campus never got the chance to know these culinary treasures. Maybe we gained ricotta squares, but we lost time-tested favorites along the way. Rest in peace, all our HUDS classics. We’ll never forget you.

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