Campus Celebrities

By Eileene Lee

One of the best parts about Harvard (in addition to the world-class liberal arts education that it very much offers) is the opportunity to meet really amazing people (some people more amazing than others). Even over the couple days of Visitas, you’ll have the chance to experience a little bit of what makes Harvard so special. Here’s a list of our favorite people, places, and things around campus that you should keep an eye out for during Visitas!


He’s handsome, he’s a little mysterious, and he catches everyone’s attention when he struts into a room. His name is Remy, and he’s sure to be the main star of your Visitas visit, if you’re lucky enough to spot him. Have I mentioned he’s a cat? Known for frequenting the Barker Center for the Humanities, Remy is Harvard’s unofficial mascot (since our real mascot is literally a color). He’s even been known to even enter students’ dorms (he once entered both our respective dorms, but neither of us were in our rooms at the time and we live with eternal regret). You can check out Remy’s instagram ( before Visitas so you know who to look out for.

John from Annenberg

We stan all the Harvard University Dining Services workers for feeding us, but a special shoutout to John from Annenberg for being there for us first-years when we need it most. And since every student at Harvard has eaten at Annenberg at some point in their Harvard life, John literally knows every single one of us. There is no better feeling than walking into Berg after a really hard test or an especially boring section and getting greeted by John. He once complimented my hair and I still smile from his kind words. Unfortunately, John now works in the Dunster Dining Hall, incoming first-years may have to look a little harder to find him. Regardless of where you are, John, we appreciate you!


How does one describe Dean Khurana — Rakesh, if you will? He is, simply, The Moment. Officially the Danoff Dean of Harvard College, most students recognize him more as an influencer. His famous Instagram page (@deankhurana) features photographs of students he meets across campus, and if you’re lucky, you might even be featured during your Visitas visit.

Red (and his best catches)

Who is this man, and what does he look like? We may never know. Whoever he is, Red is always offering his best to the dining hall menu. Every time I see that the dhalls are serving Red’s Best Catch, those fluffy mounds of fish flesh covered in breadcrumbs, I’m just thrilled. Just wait, you will be too!


Who knew turkeys weren’t just for Thanksgiving dinner? I didn’t! Until I came to Harvard, that is. The campus turkeys are everything I want to be: confident, fearless, and constantly defying people’s expectations. Not only are they capable of holding up traffic and intimidating students and tourists alike, these lovely turkeys are also capable of soaring high and far. If you can’t see any turkeys at ground level, look up and you’re sure to see these majestic creatures perching on the many trees on campus.

Yard Chairs

Thanks to a groundbreaking Flyby article investigating everyone’s favorite useful Yard decoration, the Yard chairs have become a sensation. Feeling overwhelmed by how beautiful the Harvard buildings are and need a place to rest? Have no fear, these exquisite chairs will always be there for you (unless, of course, it’s winter, then the chairs won’t be there or else they’ll get cold)! Aside from their seasonal presence, look forward to these incredibly colorful and comfortable chairs.

As you can see, there are so many things to look forward to at Harvard, so get hyped and make sure to take tons of pictures with our favorite campus celebrities!

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