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Celebrity Saviors

The first time I listened to Dodie Clark, I felt like wanted to crawl inside her songs, to live in the universe of yellow flowers and smeared makeup and sunshine the next morning she created.

The Present and Futures of Latinx Punk

As movements continue to globalize, the role of of Latinx punks will continue to grow and innovate at the fore of the genre — just as Los Saicos did way back in 1964.

‘Reply 1988’: Nostalgic K-Dramas and the Art of Looking Back

The year is 1988 in Seoul, South Korea. This is the era of choppy bobs, imported Walkmans, and an insatiable obsession with denim

‘Crisis en la gran ciudad’ — Politics and Punk in the ’80s

Where elsewhere, punk had somewhat moved beyond the idea that it had to be created under and necessitated by political turmoil, the scenes cropping up in Latin America were inextricably linked to the politics of the time.

Amor de lejos amor de pendejos

And in my mother’s eyes: a woman who never learned to hug without checking over the shoulder.

Ballet’s #MeToo Movement: Power and Abuse in the Industry

When the #MeToo movement began to sweep the world, the ballet industry was rocked with overdue discoveries of abuse.

The Unruly Poetics of Sight

The existential anxiety of the past months have challenged our personal and collective sense of sight.

Academia’s IQ Test is Flawed: The Importance of Arts Education

Going to college is what the world expects of its youth. College is the road most traveled, the societal norm, the path of least resistance.

Her Mom Wants to Know What He Does for a Living

She brings him home, but not without warning the house first: the good plates, the scratched table, the dining room’s pear green walls.

Chicanx Punk and the East ‘El Lay’ Movement

Spearheaded by nun and artist Sister Karen Boccalero, Self Help Graphics served as home base for East L.A.’s activists, poets, and punks.

Ballet Body: On Body Dysmorphia and Kathryn Morgan’s Recent Video

Dancers so often hyperfocus on their bodies because they are the tools with which they create their art.

What Godzilla Teaches Us About the Unknown

We have an uncanny ability to provoke, disrespect, and vilify the unknown. What is unmanageable is automatically perceived as a liability.

Unseating the Holy Trinity — Los Saicos and the Peruvian Punk Scene

Punk, to me, was a space created by and for white, cisgender, heterosexual men. Any other identity that had managed to wrangle its way into the scene’s spotlight was an exception won through uphill battles against the genre’s established norms.

On Their Fifth Date, He Promises Her the Sky

He is from / speckled dirt in sour beer, / from the swaying hips of el barrio / and its fog of heat under the stars that can fix / everything underneath them

El Micro

She’s the only blonde in a sea of brown, and in the jumble of legs and sweaty heads and jutting elbows, his brown eyes meet her brown eyes.

The Pandemic Has Radically Changed Dance — Maybe For the Better

As dancers’ primary purpose — to perform, to tell stories, to bring joy — has been almost entirely stripped away, we have, alongside the rest of the world, found ways to evolve.

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