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Karen Chee

“I was never the class clown [in high school,]” Chee continues. “But I really wanted to learn how to craft and write comedy, and the willingness I put into in doing that showed me that this was something I was really interested in.”

15 Minutes with Cedric Woods

​J. Cedric Woods, a member of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina, is a professor at University of Massachusetts Boston and director of their Institute for New England Native American Studies (INENAS). He is currently serving as one of Pforzheimer House’s Native American fellows.

Robert J. Waldinger

​From the looks of his humble, unadorned office at Mass General Hospital, you might never guess what Professor Robert J. Waldinger is up to: searching for the secrets to living a long and healthy life.

Observing the Unobservable

“There’s a strong sense of wonder which we tend to associate with youth,” he tells me. “But honestly, I’d say that in my case it’s just gotten better with time.”

The Passing of the FM Torch

CORDELIA F. MENDEZ ’16 , Chair I’m not going to say Cordelia F. Mendez ’16 could run the world, but I’m confident that she could at least run the country. That’s because Cordelia is easily one of the most competent people you will ever meet. And if you haven’t met her yet, then you should, because she is as smiley and friendly as she is capable.

Living with Landry's

“They’re writing about you?” one friend asks incredulously as she pulls up a chair. “Yeah, about how much of a burden I am on my friends,” Michael J. Landry ’15-’16 answers sarcastically.