Honor Code

College Hosts Honor Code Panel

Just months away from rolling out its first-ever honor code, the College hosted an event Monday where panelists addressed questions about the potential efficacy of the code as well as concerns about the impending affirmation of integrity mandate.

Honor Code Panel

Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana begins the panel discussion on the College’s honor code by talking about the impetus for the honor code on Monday evening at the Barker Center.

Honor Code Panel

Olivia Z. Zhu ’15, who has served on the Academic Integrity Committee for 3 years, speaks about honor codes at Harvard’s graduate schools and Radcliffe College, and the student voice in creating the College’s honor code at the Barker Center on Monday evening.

Faculty To Vote on Elimination of Pre-Term Planning

The College will no longer conduct pre-term planning if members of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences vote in favor of proposed changes to the student handbook at their monthly meeting Tuesday.

Updates on the Honor Council

Interim Ad Board Secretary Brett Flehinger said that once it begins hearing cases, the Honor Council hopes to eventually release statistics comparable to those the College’s Administrative Board currently does. Flehinger will serve as secretary of the Honor Council in the new Office of Academic Integrity and Student Conduct next academic year.

Honor Council Begins Training Undergraduate Members

As the College readies for a fall rollout of its first honor code, undergraduates on the student-faculty body that will hear cases of academic integrity have begun their training.

Honor Council Selects Student Membership

Twelve undergraduates will sit on the Honor Council, which will hear cases of alleged academic integrity violations, and 14 will serve as “academic integrity fellows” and will provide advising to students accused of breaching the honor code.

Faculty Hear Proposals on Theater Concentration, Honor Code Affirmation

Under the honor code legislation, students would be required to affirm their awareness of the honor code each time they register for the semester and would be unable to register should they not make that affirmation.

Honor Code Affirmation Legislation Details Frequency

In addition to these requirements, faculty members would be “encouraged to ask students to affirm their awareness of the Honor Code on assignments when appropriate” when the honor code goes into effect in the fall of 2015.

Honor Code Affirmation Likely to Be Required for Final Exams, Papers

Students will likely be required to make an affirmation of integrity before taking final exams and writing final papers should members of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences approve the legislation of the College’s first-ever honor code.

College Readies Honor Council Procedures, Membership

The Honor Council, the composition of which will be announced this spring, is scheduled to begin hearing academic integrity cases next fall at the same time as the College's first honor code is implemented.

Khurana Honor Code

Rakesh Khurana, now dean of the College, listens as then Interim Dean of the College Donald H. Pfister shares his thoughts at a panel on academic integrity in 2013. The College's first-ever honor code will be instated in the fall of 2015.

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Integrity Committee Prepares to Assemble Honor Council

The student-faculty judicial body will be chosen and trained by the Academic Integrity Committee.

Faust University Hall

Harvard President Drew G. Faust leaves University Hall in May 2014 after the last regular meeting Faculty of Arts and Sciences meeting of the year, during which the body approved the College's first-ever honor code.

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