Mia Karvonides

Analysis: Harvard Uses Previous Policies for Some Sexual Assault Investigations

For students, faculty, or staff who filed complaints about conduct that occurred before September 2014, when the new policy went into effect, the investigative office uses the previous, school-level policies to define sexual harassment and sexual assault.

After 34 Cases, Central Sexual Harassment Office Aims to Increase Staff

Harvard’s central office for investigating cases of sexual harassment has heard 34 cases since it opened in September 2014 and started a pipeline program to hire more investigators amid increased demand.

Central Office Has Heard Record Number of Assault Cases

Of the 25 to 30 cases the Ofice for Sexual and Gender-Based Dispute Resolution has heard since fall 2014, between 10 and 15 are still open; more than half of the open cases were filed in the last two months.

52 Percent of Students Complete Sexual Conduct Climate Survey

The survey is a Harvard-specific version of an Association of American Universities poll being conducted at 28 schools across the country to gather data on sexual conduct.

College Appoints Full-Time Title IX Coordinator

Miller previously served as a case manager on the Administrative Board in addition to working part-time as the College’s Title IX coordinator.

Government Releases Guidance on Title IX Coordinator Position

The federal government published guidance on Friday that could strengthen the role of Title IX coordinators at many schools, including Harvard.

Title IX Activists Shift Priorities

Activists say they will focus on more actively pushing to ensure that Harvard's policy is clear and properly implemented, rather than only arguing for its strict inclusion of affirmative consent.

Karvonides Responds to Law School’s Departure from Central Title IX Procedures

The working group that crafted Harvard’s newly centralized sexual harassment policy and accompanying procedures did not anticipate that individual schools would deviate from those procedures to the extent Harvard Law School may, according to University Title IX Officer Mia Karvonides.

Video: Top 10 Stories That Shaped 2014

2014 was a year of change and controversy as Harvard affiliates reacted to events on campus and across the nation. In this feature, Crimson Multimedia uses photo and video to recap the 10 biggest stories of 2014.

Ten Stories that Shaped 2014

2014 saw a lot of change and controversy as members of the Harvard community reacted to events on campus and across the nation. In this feature, the Crimson will recap the 10 stories that shaped 2014 with an eye towards the new year.

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