'The End of Courtship' at Harvard?

In 2013, you will probably have a lot of questions about love. These should be five of them: 1. If Ivy Leaguers are refuting The End of Courtship, are they endorsing The End of Empircal Reasoning? 2. Which came first: The End of Courtship, or The End of Men? 3. Was The End of Men before The End of Sex? 4. Would you rather The End of Sex With Men before Courtship, or The End of Courtship with Men before Sex? 5. Is it a coincidence that, as we are battered with The Ends of Everything Sexy, we can turn manically and trustingly to The Beginning of Second Season of "Girls"?

John L. Ezekowitz

When John L. Ezekowitz ’13 received a call from an area code he’d never seen during the middle of his econometrics class sophomore year, he felt it might be important, so he stepped out to take the call.

A Sneak Peek at the Crimson Arts Poll Results

The Crimson Arts Poll results are in, and James Bond is among the triumphant.

Silver Scrutinizes Stats

It was an eclectic crowd—political junkies, fantasy baseball aficionados, and statistics wonks—that jammed the Kirkland junior common room Wednesday night. But Nate R. Silver is an eclectic guy.

GSAS Appoints New Dean

Meng will replace classics professor Richard J. Tarrant, who has served as interim dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science’s graduate school since Dean Allan M. Brandt stepped down in February due to poor health.

Professor Spotlight: Michael Parzen on ‘Sexy’ Statistics

Michael Isaac Parzen is a Senior Lecturer on Statistics in the Harvard University Statistics Department.

Ec 10, Stat 104 Top List of Popular Spring Courses

Students flocked to economics-related courses this spring, with Economics 10 defending the title it held in the fall as the largest course of the semester and spring’s Statistics 104: “Introduction to Quantitative Methods for Economics” coming in second place.

10 Tried and True Classes

If you're still unsure about classes, take a look at some of these steadfast courses that are popular year after year. Although they may not be the easiest, without fail, these classes consistently fill up lecture halls.

Tell Us How You Really Feel: Students Rate Occupy Harvard in Stats Survey

It has been more than a month since the tents of Occupy Harvard first appeared in the Yard, and after weeks of flashing IDs and secretly pining for the return of statue-loving tourists, students are now voicing their thoughts on the Occupy Harvard movement in a new survey. According to the results, it appears that the student body hasn't taken too kindly to our resident campers.

Statistics Department Hopes to Continue Growth

With Wednesday's deadline for sophomore concentration declarations imminent, Harvard’s Statistics Department looks to continue an escalation that has seen the concentration expand from 5 to 50 concentrators since 2005.

Adrian Fenty on Education

Adrian Fenty, former mayor of the District of Columbia, speaks at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government about his administration’s work on education reform during his tenure.

Student Serenades Stat 110

A newly released single from Stephen L. Kent '14 is gripping the school, or at least the Statistics Department. The song, a parody of Jason Derulo's iconic party tune "Ridin' Solo," glorifies Statistics 110: "Introduction to Probability," taught by Assistant Professor Joseph K. Blitzstein.

Shopping Week, Day Five: Harvard Meets Hollywood

A wise man we made up once said that the best class is the class you don't have to go to. Who knew Harvard would take his advice and let professors videotape courses and post them online? Not that we're complaining.

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