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Knock 'Em Dead: At Harvard, Crafting Comedy Is No Laughing Matter

Stand-up comics often appear to be completely at ease, dishing out joke after joke in quick succession. While impressive, this seemingly effortless delivery belies the huge amount of work that goes into crafting a stand-up routine. Writing comedy takes not only talent, but also a willingness to devote oneself to the honing of skills that take years of experience to master.

Love and Other Drugs in "Buyers Club"

“Dallas Buyers Club” is a wonderfully complete historical drama and a great film, but it struggles with some lazy stylistic choices and dull scenes. However, these scenes are few and far between—they are minor setbacks in an admirably told underdog story.

"Counselor" An Intoxicating Visual Thriller

Ridley Scott's latest effort “The Counselor” centers on a lawyer who becomes entangled with a pair of eccentric drug dealers and their colleagues. It is a grossly stylish thriller that makes up for story deficiencies with its visuals, dialogue, and performances.