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Complacence Hampers 'King of Limbs'

Amidst forward motion so thorough, Radiohead has mistaken leanness for fitness. Beyond mere thematic vestiges, “The King of Limbs” sheds something more local and altogether more crucial to Radiohead’s generation-spanning success as a premiere creative force in mainstream music: pop sensibility.

Ambitious 'Empire' Falters

Ultimately, the moments where “Inland Empire” crystallizes are too few and far between to justify a structure whose inaccessibility and string of logistical woes hamper what would otherwise be a genuinely compelling theatrical experience.

Five Unambiguous Signs of the Death of Culture in 2010

If a culture reflects its subjects, it’s more than appropriate that culture in 2010 was more miasma than movement. From ...

A Serious Man

“But I didn’t do anything!” wails the hapless Larry Gopnik, over and over, in an increasingly hysterical register, throughout the ...

Pedro Costa's Post-Documentary

Internationally acclaimed Portuguese filmmaker Pedro Costa arrives at the Harvard Film Archive (HFA) this Sunday at 7:00 p.m. to present ...

The Topography of Hell: Roberto Bolaño’s ‘2666’

“The Savage Detectives,” Chilean author Roberto Bolaño’s greatest novel, is a kaleidoscopic fictional autobiography—a treatise on youth, love, literature and ...

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Wes Anderson has spent a decade as one of America’s most important filmmakers, and the better part of that same ...