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Karthinking About Partying

This week—with my last column ever—I’d like to Karthink about my morally hazardous justification for the benefit of my similarly hesitant peers: Partying all May will make you live longer.

Karthinking About Education

Within reason, a historian ought to be able to walk into a higher-level chemistry class just as easily as a chemist might walk into a history class.

Karthinking About the Fourth Branch

The internet is finally sophisticated enough to provide a tool that allows us to contribute to the law in a much deeper way. The technology has been in place for over two decades, but the popular will to use the internet as a political tool has exploded just in the last few years.

Karthinking About Drones

As more, varied, and better drones become ever more useful substitutes for riskier methods of force projection, diplomacy could lose much of its attractiveness.

Karthinking About TV

With the web being the future, the willingness of content providers to hold their services to a lower standard online than they do offline is unsettling.

Down with Debit

My dislike of debit stems from one simple fact: Despite years spent searching for answers, I have never once identified any good reason to pay debit over credit. Something about it just doesn’t add up...

In Defense of Soccer Haters

It surely is intriguing that billions of foreign people see fit to live and die by this game alone. But frankly, we aren’t missing out on anything.

Life in ‘the Cloud’

By now, computers ought to be doing it for us automagically.

Dissenting Opinion: Ignorance is Not Bliss

Political and religious discourse have always been intimately bound in America. Today as ever, the United States is an intensely religious place.

POSTCARD: Uncommon Grit

It’s one thing to read the daily reports of Michigan’s death spiral in the New York papers; it’s another to see it firsthand.