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Art House

Harvard’s residential housing system is currently in the midst of a massive overhaul––Quincy and Leverett have already undergone extensive renewal, and Dunster is slated to go under the knife next year. But this focus on modernization only tells part of the story. Each of Harvard’s twelve residential houses is home to artifacts that attest to its singular history.

Point/ Counterpoint: The Lowell House Bells

The Lowell House bells spark debates between Lowell residents and non-residents alike.

‘Deported’ Dreamy but Ultimately Obtuse

Although "Deported: A Dream Play" at the Modern Theatre boasts some strong acting, the show ultimately falters due to tedious staging.

Magnetic Fields Veer From Droll to Dull on Latest

“Love at the Bottom of the Sea” is a collection of 15 two-minute-and-change snippets that never quite develop into full songs. Now and again, the album shows glimpse of the effortless whimsicality that has characterized the band’s career.

The Flecktones Stay Groovy, Self-Assured

Some musicians play for the casual listener, their legacy a series of sing-alongs that speak only through hackneyed lyrics and ...

A Wrenching, Illuminating ‘Crave’

Now and again a burning description lights up the play’s world—as well as our own—and forces us to see its desperate isolation, hidden pain, and unrealized desire.