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'Lunar Labyrinth' Amazes

If caressing the audience is a vital part of a production, an ideal space to put up the play is ...

One of the central characters in Yoko Ogawa’s recently translated story collection “Revenge” digs up carrots in the shape of hands, rendered that way because of a sordid secret from the gardener’s past.

Oscar Nominations: Who Should (And Shouldn't) Get The Nod

Before the release of the 2013 Oscar nominees on January 10, the Arts Blog has compiled a list of films, actors, and actresses that either should be rewarded or that should not receive the coveted "Academy Award nominated" flash-and-fade on future trailers.

Harvard Square Clocks

Everyone and their mother has an opinion on the newest album, movie, and art exhibit. But what about the things that we see every day, around Harvard and the Square? Shouldn't you have an opinion about those, too? To this end, the Campus Critic from the Arts Board is here to tell you what to think. Time is meaningless as we are all rocketing speedily towards death. However, in the finite time we have left, clocks are arguably important. They police us for crimes of not fitting into the time fabric of our fellow sacks of meat. It's not presumptuous to say that public clocks are a prime supporter of Calvinistic death-ground—an even better reminder of mortality than your crackle-kinked ankles and inability to pull as many all-nighters as you did in high school. Harvard Square has several of these heretofore-named "Death Reminders." The Campus Critic has evaluated their existence to remind you of the meaninglessness of your own.

What Were We Thinking? Hello, Mr. Hunter, Our Old Friend

In this installment of our recurring feature, Christine A. Hurd takes to task Tim M. Hunter '68, who had some not very nice things to say about 1967's classic "The Graduate."

Potterphiles Descend on Lincoln Center for Rowling Talk

Our generation saw a fictional, bespectacled boy grow up through seven years of magical melodrama, but the most important evolution in the Potterverse is that of its benevolent creator, J. K. Rowling. The fearfully anticipated reception of “The Casual Vacancy” has largely served to prove that Rowling will not be a one-hit wonder.

Point/ Counterpoint: The Lowell House Bells

The Lowell House bells spark debates between Lowell residents and non-residents alike.