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Indiana T. Seresin

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Art House

Harvard’s residential housing system is currently in the midst of a massive overhaul––Quincy and Leverett have already undergone extensive renewal, and Dunster is slated to go under the knife next year. But this focus on modernization only tells part of the story. Each of Harvard’s twelve residential houses is home to artifacts that attest to its singular history.

As a Whirlwind

Over summer I ate things I fished myself and drank water I drew up from a well. I did drawings in a sketchbook that nobody saw. I talked to a dog. I spent whole days having sex with the curtains drawn. I painted my grandmother’s toenails.

Odd Future: Revolutionary or Revolting?

Caleb J. Thompson and Indiana T. Seresin engage in their own dialogue about Odd Future’s aggressive lyrical content.

Spring Break Journal: Indiana T. Seresin

On my first day in Miami he tells me it’s important to be by the sea. I nod. I’ve never seen him looking so old and sad. A few days later, he apologizes for being in a “weird mood.” All my ideas fall straight out of my mouth without making a sound. I’ve never been married, and I don’t know what to say. In the end I figure there’s nothing I can tell him that can’t be better said by my hand on his arm. We order cocktails and watch the sun fall into the sea.

Blood, Sweat, and Ink

The veneers of literary organizations are sometimes considered off-putting to younger students and newer writers. Rumors circulate about the creative writing community’s exclusivity, competitiveness, and pretentiousness. But to what extent are the rumors true?

Eliot House Auction Creates Controversy

Take a trip to Eliot House and you'll find things a bit astir. The reason? Eliot's annual Date Auction, though not scheduled to take place until February, has already sparked significant debate within the House community. The discussion was triggered by a seemingly innocuous source: the House newsletter, The Elephant in the Room, which currently features a Date Auction "pro and con" on each side of the bulletin.