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The Killers Settle for Generic and Forgettable Pop-Rock

However, repetitive melodies, unoriginal instrumentation, and generic subject matter prevent the album from being strong as a cohesive whole.


Communal Tunes

In chamber music, every musician contributes his or her take on a piece to produce a dynamic combination of musical styles.


Neon Indian Brings the Break-Up Album to Chillwave

By executing his vision, Palomo creates a complex and cohesive soundscape over which he narrates his story. Though at times repetitive, the album is a compelling innovation in a somewhat staid genre.


‘Smoke Ring for My Halo’ a Success

“Smoke Ring for My Halo” is a mélange of different styles, yet it’s derivative of none, and the instrumental aesthetic is both innovative and accessible.

Student Groups

Students Join Walk For Choice, Protest For Abortion Rights

In Boston, over 1,400 protesters rallied with signs, starting from five locations and converging in Boston Common in front of the statehouse.


WHRB Friday Jazz Sessions

Radio broadcasting has been around since the 1920s, when it was primetime entertainment, but has since been in tough competition ...


'The Eagle' Flounders Despite Production Values

Though cinematography and musical backdrop provide the epic atmosphere for an impressive Roman adventure, the film’s generally substandard acting and a flawed, unoriginal script fail to fill the vast expanse painted on the screen.


Underoath Find Novel Sound With New Line Up

For better or for worse, the new members of Underoath have created music that little resembles the Underoath that hardcore fans remember from their early days.

Visual Arts

Democracy Goes Green

London-based portrait artist Nicola Green followed President Barack H. Obama during his presidential campaign as the first-ever artist in residence.


Morris Discusses Terror and Humor

“Four Lions,” British comedic heavyweight Christopher Morris’s first full feature-length film as a director, cuts through the hazy and foreign haughtiness of terrorism to expose a surprisingly realistic dose of comedy culled from real life.


Harvard Smiles Directs Students to Mental Health Resources

Harvard students looking for support can now turn to, an online hub launched last week to direct students to mental health resources on campus.

Redefining Science Education
On Campus

Science Magazine Editor-In-Chief Talks On Educational Challenges

Bruce M. Alberts ’60, editor-in-chief of Science magazine and past president of the National Academy of Science, called for a cultural change in science education.


‘Swanlights’ Give Glimpses of Reflective, Redemptive World

”Swanlights” is a spiritual journey and an attempt to free the soul from haunting pasts.


Liza’s Confessions Are a Little Too Sweet

Despite Minnelli’s and Stritch’s mastery in voice and piano, “Confessions” suffers from its lovesick melancholy.


‘Hurley’ Almost as Good as ‘Lost’

With the release of “Hurley,” the alternative punk-rock giants once again deliver a collection of successful, mosh-worthy songs charged with energy.