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Chaos and Harmony

A film poet and a “warrior of cinema,” Harmony Korine remains true to his independent art film roots despite challenging Hollywood’s genre confines with his latest film, “Spring Breakers.” Korine sat down with The Crimson in between screenings of his films at the Harvard Film Archive.

Big Shoes to Fill

What’s more mind-blowing than the idea of entirely re-making a perfectly good song (especially when the original belongs to a legend), though, is an artist’s ability to rework it so much so that it takes on an entirely different meaning. There is nothing trickier than a cover song.

Roving Reporter: Children Dig Up Past

Children interact with ancient artifacts in the Archaeological Discovery Room.

Don't 'Pass Over' Passover in the Square

If you're mulling over not being able to eat carbs because of Passover, fear not! These Harvard Square finds will fuel your eight-day holiday with such deliciousness that you will forget that Moses and the rest of the crew didn't have enough time to leaven that bread. To refresh your memory, if you're keeping kosher for Passover, you're supposed to avoid foods, except matzo, made with wheat, barley, rye, spelt, or oats. Depending on whether you're Ashkenazi or Sephardic, you may have different rules, so ask your Rabbi or Hillel if you have any concerns. Meanwhile, these foods should keep you pretty full for the next week.

Students Celebrate Occupy Art

More fifty college and community members delved into the open bar and Thai food at the “Unstable Art” discussion as they were greeted by the event’s facilitators—a various collection of Graduate School of Design students and artists.

"Dirty Talk" Event Encourages Open Dialogue

Ben Privot of The Consensual Project encouraged open discussions about sexual desires in Dirty Talk, a workshop on verbal sexual communication held Tuesday as part of Harvard’s first annual Sex Week.