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A Hard Sell: The Boundaries between Art and Ads

In an age where advertisements often seem to assault us at every turn (or rather, click) it is easy to develop a cynical attitude about the potential for advertisements to be works of art. But in fact, the history of advertising and the history of art are inextricably linked, and the advents of modern advertising continue to open up possibilities for artistic innovation within the field.

“Pompeii” is a Hot Mess

Not interesting enough to be a period-piece drama and not suspenseful enough to be a good natural disaster film, Pompeii fails to rise to the level of its much more complex predecessors.

In 1963, Early Roots Of Blossoming Civil Rights Movement

Inside and outside the gates of Harvard Yard, students responded to the emerging Civil Rights Movement. While some remember campus as an insular community that looked at the movement from afar, many black students within the school worked to create a sense of community, and individual and group efforts among both the student body and the administration emerged to support racial equality through activism at Harvard, in the local Cambridge and Boston area, and in the South.

‘Think Like a Man’ Provides More Laughs than Tears

“Think Like a Man” manages to achieve a great balance of romance and humor—resulting in a romantic comedy that is actually, well, funny.