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A Haunted House 2

Wayans Weighs in on Comedy and Success

The Crimson interviews Marlon Wayans prior to "A Haunted House 2."

Advertising Cover Pic
Visual Arts

A Hard Sell: The Boundaries between Art and Ads

In an age where advertisements often seem to assault us at every turn (or rather, click) it is easy to develop a cynical attitude about the potential for advertisements to be works of art. But in fact, the history of advertising and the history of art are inextricably linked, and the advents of modern advertising continue to open up possibilities for artistic innovation within the field.


“Pompeii” is a Hot Mess

Not interesting enough to be a period-piece drama and not suspenseful enough to be a good natural disaster film, Pompeii fails to rise to the level of its much more complex predecessors.


Seven Black Characters Who Aren’t Killed Off First (Or At All)

Outgoing Comp Director and Social Chair Charlotte D. Smith finds the exceptions to an infamous movie trope.

Class of 1988

In 1987, Harvard Kennedy School Fundraising Practices Came Under Fire

In the fall of 1987, Dean of the Kennedy School Graham T. Allison ’62 found himself on the wrong side of a scandal resulting in increased oversight of fundraising in Harvard’s schools.

Commencement 2013

In 1963, Early Roots Of Blossoming Civil Rights Movement

Inside and outside the gates of Harvard Yard, students responded to the emerging Civil Rights Movement. While some remember campus as an insular community that looked at the movement from afar, many black students within the school worked to create a sense of community, and individual and group efforts among both the student body and the administration emerged to support racial equality through activism at Harvard, in the local Cambridge and Boston area, and in the South.

Gen Ed

Most Ironic Events of 2012

2012 was an ironic year for the Earth, for more than 2012 reasons. Below is a list of 10 things that we think are actually worth mentioning to people, so pay attention, please.


Taylor Swift Gets Even More Poppy But Keeps Passionate Narratives

“Red” continues the trend: it deals with many of the same issues and features more bubbly pop songs without the twang of her acoustic guitar.


‘Think Like a Man’ Provides More Laughs than Tears

“Think Like a Man” manages to achieve a great balance of romance and humor—resulting in a romantic comedy that is actually, well, funny.

Legally Blonde musical

‘Blonde’ Has All the Fun

"Legally Blonde: The Musical" powers through technical difficulties to deliver a knockout combination of fantastic acting and self-deprecating humor.


Robert Glasper Mixes Genres To Create "Black Radio"

On the closer, “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” Glasper’s band takes a song known for its unintelligible lyrics and loud, abrasive chorus and turns it into a modern jazz-fusion piece.

IGP Laugh Riot Festival
On Campus

IGP Goes Bananas

The stage in the Loeb Experimental Theater is dark. A dimly lit figure approaches the audience slowly until people can clearly recognize the figure as…a banana.


Top 5 Token Black Characters

Incoming campus arts editor Charlotte D. Smith's vanity article.

On Campus

Demanding Voices

Having an older guide can help a young artist discover a unique artistic sensibility instead of staying hung up on stale conventions.


Technical Flaws Sink New Rep’s ‘Rent’

The premise of the musical is rife with potential to make many different emotions tangible for the audience, but the production suffers from a number of crippling setbacks that stunt the show’s emotional development.