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Shit TFs Write.

Check marks are great, grades at the top of the page are often necessary, and sometimes corrections are required. But every time a TF lets a little personality shine through in her feedback, we get some insight into her mind, and that TF-student bond—in our minds, at least—changes dramatically. Sometimes these personal notes fan the flames of our TF appreciation, and sometimes they just give us even more reason to fantasize about marking up their papers with red pen for once. Here, FM rounds up some of the best of TF commentary.

‘Wanderlust’ Excellently Explores American Materialism

What could have been a poignant comedy by its perceptive portrayal of American life remained instead just a laugh-out-loud movie with some of modern comedy’s favorite actors.

The Marriage of Figaro

Kramer and music director Matthew A. Aucoin ‘12 deal with this tangle of relationships in much the same way that most directors have since 1784, but with one outstanding exception: they translated the opera themselves.

Portrait of an Artist: David Furman

David Furman reflects on 40 years of dedication to ceramics and the arts.