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Phantogram Unveils True “Voices”

"Voices" exhibits a vast array of influences that Phantogram has been absorbing during their time off. At the same time, they double down on the aesthetic they’ve been cultivating for years.

War of the Words

This past April, language preservation activist Daniel Pedro Mateo was found dead near his home village in Guatemala. While the reasons are unknown, his story still speaks to the political potency minority languages can have as strongholds against assimilation.

James Blake Grows Up, Not Over

“Overgrown,” Blake’s excellent sophomore outing, makes good on every promise of his debut. The album is both more immediate and more sonically lush; it moves away from the minimal dub of its predecessor into more standard pop territory even as it maintains an experimental sensibility.

Concert Preview: Hey Marseilles

The seven-piece band will play Brighton Music Hall on Friday. Singer Matt Bishop talks to The Crimson about the Seattle music scene, learning to write songs collaboratively, and big families.

Five Pieces of Life Advice from Lana del Rey

Why do I put on Born to Die whenever I need guidance in my life? Why do I feel compelled to share this advice with others?

What Were We Thinking? 'Lawrence of Arabia'

In another installment of a recurring feature, a 1963 Crimson review takes on one of cinema's most beloved epics.

Cooperative Orchestra’s Beethoven Soars

The Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra, an ensemble unique in its democratic structure, delivered polished renditions of Beethoven's "Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 61" and fourth symphony in Sanders Theatre.

Surreal Street Artists Double Up At ICA

Brazilian twins Os Gêmeos, whose surreal artworks are inspired by graffiti, are the subjects of a new Institute of Contemporary Art exhibits.