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What Do Harvard Students Do on a Saturday Night?

We went around the Square and asked what people thought Harvard students do on an average Saturday night.

People Who Are Younger and More Successful Than You Are

Sometimes it’s easy to feel good about having gotten into Harvard. And then you accidentally turn on the Scripps National Spelling Bee and watch a six-year-old spell a word you can’t even pronounce. The truth is, great though Harvard students may be, there are younger people out there who are already (gasp!) more successful than you are. While you might still have the chance to become the next Zuckerburg, you've sadly missed your slim window of opportunity to become a child prodigy or a pre-teen superstar. As you mourn your lost child-star potential, check out our list of people who are both younger and more successful than you are.

The Five-and-a-Half Types of Teaching Fellows You’ll Have At Harvard

Remember when you used to dream about going to Harvard? About eating in Annenberg, living in a beautiful, bell-towered House on the river, and learning from Nobel Prize-winning professors? Now that you’ve been here a while, you’ve no doubt learned that (spoiler alert) Annenberg isn’t actually Hogwarts, that the River Houses have cockroaches, and that you’ll spend as much time learning from graduate students as you do from the likes of Karplus and Mankiw. But never fear, Harvard TFs tend to be amazing—and just as diverse as Harvard students. Here are the five-and-a-half types of teaching fellows you’ll have at Harvard:

“Doing Good Work in a Noisy, Messy World”: People Cheated in Gov 1310 Last Year

On Monday, you no doubt received but did not actually read an email from Jay M. Harris, Dean of Undergraduate Education and Chair of the Academic Integrity Committee. While its title may have tricked you into thinking it was a guide to actually getting work done when you live in a tiny Wigg suite with four other girls, it was in fact yet another reminder that students at Harvard have cheated.

The Fifteen Types of Prefrosh Facebook Posts

Nowadays, the Harvard Class of 2017 Facebook page is just about as exciting as your dorm’s email list. Intramural soccer? Boring. Lost wallet? Boring. Prime minister of Norway coming to speak? Boring. But once upon a time, the page was full of posts revealing your classmates’ delightful combination of desperation, talent, and insecurity. Now that most of us have gotten the chance to reveal these qualities to one another in person, let’s relive some of the best types of prefrosh Facebook posts.