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God of the Playing Field

For many of Harvard's athletes of faith, religion is a strong component of their identity both on and off the field. However, balancing that identity with the demands of a varsity sport is anything but easy.

Escape the Room

The two of us meander up West Street in Boston, looking around for any hint of building number 33. Behind us is Tremont Street and Boston Common. In front of us is Macy’s, and general signs of civilization. On this street, though, there appears to be nothing.

Scrambling for Stability: The TF Experience at Harvard

Teaching fellows play an important role in educating Harvard undergraduates, but for many, decades-old problems associated with shopping week, unclear expectations, and time commitments still pervade.

Procrastination, On Demand

I have a confession to make. It might, perchance, be conceivably possible that I have potentially developed a slight dependence upon the product known as Netflix. To be clear, I tell you this only because I fear for your safety and well-being. I divulge this story in the hopes that it will make you aware of the fate already befalling you; perhaps then you will be better equipped to handle the consequences.

The Enigma of Pinocchio’s Photos

A mishmash of photographs cover all of the walls save one, which instead features a seemingly arbitrary mural of a whale and a mermaid consuming pizza. Some photos are black and white, and some are in color. Some have one person and some have many; some have none at all. I am sure of one thing, though: they all must mean something.

March Madness in Orange County

Dressed in a Harvard jersey and hat, I received some inquisitive stares as I flagged down one of the bartenders and asked if she could possibly put the Harvard game on. Figuring this might be a long and lonely two hours, I settled in to watch Harvard take an early lead.

Hey, Professor! Star in a Bottle

Construction will shortly begin on the long-anticipated International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor—a machine that, if it works, promises to solve most of the world’s energy problems for the next 30 million years. Howard M. Georgi ’68, a Harvard physics professor, sat down for a brief chat about how and whether ITER will actually work as well as its possible economic and political implications.

By the Numbers: Grad School

Not ready to enter the real world after college? Don’t worry; that’s what grad school is for! But it’s far from cheap. FM did a little math and even went undercover, started working on some applications to find out what attending some of Harvard’s graduate and professional schools might cost you. (All numbers as of Academic Year 2013-2014 and taken from university websites.)

Harvard Football for Dummies

The Harvard-Yale game is rapidly approaching, and if you’re like most Harvard students, chances are you haven’t been to a single game this season. In fact, you have no idea who’s on the team or how the team has been playing this season or what sport is even being played this weekend. Here to save you is Flyby’s Harvard football update to get you up to speed on what you’ve missed this season.