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Best of ShadrachSmith

A quick collection of some recent ShadrachSmith moments.


Comic Artist Dave Ortega Encourages Audience Participation in New ICA Installation

The installation features movable black-and-white images mounted over the walls and gridded tables covered in doodles, where visitors can brainstorm and interact with each other.

Conan O’Brien Returns to Harvard
On Campus

O'Brien Speaks With Faust on Arts and Education

Late-night host Conan O'Brien cracked jokes and shared advice in a conversation with Drew G. Faust, president of Harvard, about the arts and education on Friday.

U.S. History for all?

Changes to SAT May Put International Students at a Disadvantage

With its well intended changes, the SAT seems to have unconsciously alienated the international community of high school students who wish to pursue an education in the US.

Flyby Quote

Overheard at Tasty Burger

As soon as the clock hits 1:30AM, Tasty Burger instantly begins bustling with activity. I was just enjoying a guilty late night snack when I couldn’t help but overhear all the weird things that people were saying.

To The Rescue

Life as a High School Counselor

They are our mentors, who guide us through the marathon of college applications. They are our friends, who do so much for us, from meeting with us again and again to sitting down together to edit essays. High school counselors play an integral role in every high school student's senior year. But what is it really like to be a high school college counselor?