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On Helen Keller: Seeing the Inner Light

Keller’s accolades range from being the first female recipient of Radcliffe’s Alumnae Achievement Award, to traveling extensively through Europe and Asia, to advocating for and educating people about the reality of living with disabilities.

Drinky Drink: Oscar Night

With the Oscars rapidly approaching, FM brings you drinks to last from the first red carpet stiletto to the end-of-show Best Picture reveal. Much like this year’s nominated films, these drinks might just make you question where you came from and whether you will ever find love. ​

Meet the Printers

Before long, Byrne picks one up to check the color photos on the front page. “I used to be able to tell without this thing!” he yells, pulling out a tiny magnifying glass to check for unequal color balances.

From Syria with Love

Baraa Kouja is trying to get Westerners to understand the reality of the Syrian refugee crisis. This week, his art exhibition “From Syria with Love” stopped by Harvard’s campus to help bridge the gap.

A Night at the Circus

“Welcome to the Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus EXTREME!” the host booms before breaking into something that sounds oddly like the Pokémon theme song. “We’ll take you to exotic lands, adventures far and wiiiiiiiide.”