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Faculty Meeting

Report Shows Increase in Faculty Diversity Over Past Ten Years

​The proportion of Harvard’s tenured faculty who are women or people of color jumped from 30.8 percent to 39.2 percent over the past decade.

Barker Center

Hist & Lit to Offer Ethnic Studies

Undergraduates concentrating in History and Literature will now be able to specialize in an ethnic studies field.

Mike Smith at Convocation

Modest Pay Bump Exacerbates Financial Worries Among Profs

“We would like to hire more faculty, we would like to have smaller sections, we would like better compensation,” Hochschild said.

Mike Smith at Convocation

Faculty Salaries to Increase by Only 1.5 Percent

Members of Harvard’s faculty and non-unionized staff will see their salaries increase by only 1.5 percent for fiscal year 2018, an atypically low increase outpaced by the current rate of inflation.

Faculty Meeting

Smith Says College Isn’t Asking for Oath in Sanctions Enforcement

FAS Dean Michael D. Smith said he does not believe the College’s new social group policy requires an oath pledging a student is not a member of a final club or Greek organization.

University Hall
Student Groups

Students Added to Committee Examining Social Group Policy

Several of the students named to the committee have previously voiced opinions on the College’s policy.

On Campus

Clover to Open in Science Center

Clover Food Lab will replace Greenhouse Cafe in the Science Center’s partially-renovated Cabot Science Library.

University Hall

Faculty Vote to End Harvard Time, Extend Course Length in 2018

​The seven-minute passing period between courses known as “Harvard Time” will no longer exist beginning in the fall of 2018.

Faculty Meeting
Student Life

Faculty Again Clash on Social Group Sanctions

Professors again clashed with administrators over the College’s proposed plan for enforcing penalties on members of single-gender social organizations.

University Hall

Faculty to Consider New Data Science Course Requirement

​Future Harvard students may be required to take a required category of course entitled “Thinking with Data” should the Faculty approve a motion that will be first discussed at Tuesday’s Faculty meeting.

Dunster Construction
House Life

‘It’s Gifts and It’s Debt'

Between an underperforming endowment, dwindling reserves, cumbersome architectural regulations, and lukewarm support from donors, House renewal is an uphill battle.

A Conversation with Ashton B. Carter
Harvard Kennedy School

Former Secretary of Defense Ash Carter to Become HKS Professor

Former Secretary of Defense Ashton B. Carter will join the faculty at the Harvard Kennedy School at the end of the academic year as a professor and director of the Belfer Center.

Barker Center 114

English Department Diversity Course Requirement Approved

English concentrators will soon be required to enroll in a course featuring authors who may have been excluded in the past for their race, gender, or sexuality.

Cambridge City Hall
City Politics

Immigration and Customs Enforcement Challenges Cambridge's 'Sanctuary City' Status

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency listed Cambridge an “uncooperative jurisdiction” for refusing to comply with federal requests to detain individuals for possible deportation.

The FAS Dean

Professors, University Decry 'Devastating' Trump Budget Proposal

​A University spokesperson harshly condemned President Donald Trump’s proposed 2018 budget as “devastating” and “unprecedented” Monday.