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Celtics Dancer

Courtside Hustle

Maureen Tang acknowledges the intensity of dancing for a stadium with a capacity to seat 20,000, particularly since the event can be televised to “millions” more.

#MeToo in the Academy

'Swimming with Sharks'

Academia’s #MeToo movement doesn’t entirely look like Hollywood’s—at least, not yet.

Solange N. Azor (top)
Fifteen Most Interesting

Solange Azor

A self-described natural storyteller, most of Azor’s humor is derived from her own experiences, “but I’m also a black woman, so a lot of that experience is inherently political.”

The Market in the Square
Square Business

Eulogy For The Market

O, Middlesex County Sheriff. You know not what you do.

Halloween Pumpkins

The Word: Trick

Once, I assume, we did not say; we asked. “Trick or treat,” after all, is a question. We, the variously-costumed youths of America, asked the lording homeowners whether they would like to punish or reward. Stick or carrot. “Trick or treat?” An up-talk, a genuine query.

Sheep in Field
Around Town

Sheep in Field

Woolapalooza is an annual celebration of all things sheep, and is hosted by the Massachusetts Audubon Society at Drumlin Farm in Lincoln, MA.

Sheep To Sweater
Around Town

Sheep To Sweater

Different types of dyed wool sit on display as a part of the "sheep to sweater trail".





At the expansive farmyard grounds of Drumlin Farm, lively youngsters darted from sheep barn to craft cabin, ogling animals and pointing at yarn.

Food and Drink

Rejected Recipes from Home

FM imagines some less savory and more emotionally-fraught submissions.

Dyed Wool
Around Town

Dyed Wool

Hand-dyed wool in various colors.

Mental Health

The Word: Dawn

I felt a connection to Dawn–if nothing else, we were the two quietest people in the room.


15 Most Interesting 14 Years Later

Every year, FM chats with the 15 most interesting seniors at Harvard. But what happens after that? We tracked down a few “most interestings” from the Class of 2003 and found out how the real world’s been treating them since then.

Tarot Cards
Harvard Square

The Witching Hour

"I've never heard a pagan proselytize."


Harvard's Trademarks: Revealed

In the U.S. Patent and Trademark Database, you can find all sorts of trademarks held by various institutions. Although our knowledge of anything law-related comes from “Law and Order” reruns, we perused the database nonetheless, looking for the most interesting trademarks held by the President and Fellows of Harvard College.