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City Politics

City Council Moves to Vote on New Marijuana Regulations

​The Cambridge City Council moved to delay voting on a petition Monday that could increase Cambridge’s number of medical marijuana dispensaries.


Grady, a Harvard Alum, Considered for Trump Cabinet Position

Robert E. Grady '79 is in the running to serve on Donald Trump's cabinet, according to Politico.


Professors Find Ways to Bring Election into the Lesson Plan

As Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton make the final push before Election Day on Nov. 8, Harvard faculty are working to integrate the historic moment into their teaching.

Righting the Record

Panelists Debate Conservatism in Light of 2016 Campaign

A panel of commentators Monday evening discussed how current political and societal trends are affecting perceptions of conservatism.


Professors Criticize Political Rhetoric Following Presidential Town Hall

Following the heated Presidential town hall debate on Sunday, some Harvard professors expressed concern that the 2016 Presidential campaign has set new standards for norms of aggression and deception.


Faculty Weigh in on History as Depicted in ‘Hamilton’

Professor of history and law Annette Gordon-Reed has criticized the musical’s depiction of America’s founding narrative as historical truth.

Namibian President Speaks

Namibian President Optimistic for Country’s Democracy

In a wide-ranging speech at the Institute of Politics, President Hage G. Geingob focused on the need to build inclusive and transparent institutions to ensure faith in Namibia's young democracy.