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A Local Crusade To Lower The Voting Age

Brody is one of the many student activists in Massachusetts who spends his free time advocating for students’ rights. Today, one of the issues he is committed to is lowering the voting age in Massachusetts to 16 for municipal elections.

Miss Radcliffe Finalists

When the Crimson Ran a Beauty Pageant

During the years of the contest, Crimson photographers would scout out Miss Radcliffe candidates at the early fall dances, inviting 25 to 30 semifinalists to attend a dinner where the girls’ looks and manners were assessed. The Crimeds narrowed this group down to a cohort of six finalists, who were judged by editors, faculty members, fashion experts, and in 1953, even Miss United States.

Grolier Poetry Book Shop

90 Years Of Grolier

​Behind a creaky door lies nearly a century of poetic history: The Grolier Poetry Book Shop has been an integral part of the Harvard Square community since 1927, making it the oldest continuously-run poetry shop in the US.

Picture of Janfaza children

Picture of Janfaza children


The Word: First

Lately, people have been asking me how I like being the oldest of four children. “That’s a lot of pressure,” everyone says. “They must really look up to you.”

A roller coaster
Student Life

The Word: High

I thought back to when I was 15 years old. The summer of 2013, my last summer at sleepaway camp, was full of giggly all-nighters, days spent by the lake, dance parties, and genuine bliss. When that summer came to a close, I was at a similar low point.

Sex Week 2016
Gender and Sexuality

Let's Talk About Sex (Week)

Between “Reclaiming Your Body,” “Busting Sexual Stereotypes,” and “Party in your Pants,” Sex Week strived to cover all the bases—pun intended.

Aaron Fogelson

In The Dogg House

Fogelson emanates charm, charisma, and just a little bit of funk.