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‘Just Chips Dot Com’—the Podcast, not the Website, is a Crunching Good Time

When I was listening to this on speaker, my sister said she thought that I was on the phone with two really loud friends. I think that about sums up the experience of listening to “Just Chips Dot Com.”

Joan Tower Celebrates an 80-Year Journey with Concert at Jordan Hall

The Boston Modern Orchestra Project (BMOP), and featuring soloists Carol Wincenc and Adrian Morejon and conducted by Gil Rose, performed Tower’s music stunningly and with an evocative sense of the landscapes the music represented.

Beauty and the Brain: The Emerging Field of Neuroaesthetics

Neuroaesthetics, an innovative but controversial new area of neuroscience research, has the potential to help us understand the ways our brain responds to art. But some remain skeptical of how much science can really tell us about aesthetic experiences. The Crimson surveys the state of the field on campus and beyond.

‘Dryside’: A Poetic New Drama on Climate Change, Race, and Class

The play’s greatest strength lies in the relationships between its characters, which are so intimate and realistic that it feels almost like a violation of privacy to be listening in.