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Amanda Gorman (front)
Student Life

American Lyricist

Amanda S. C. Gorman '20 is the first Youth Poet Laureate of the United States and a self-described future candidate for the U.S. presidency.


Roommate Horror Stories

“Are you aware that your roommate swims?”


Small Towns, Big Ideas: Jamie Piltch and The Citizen's Story

For every person I interview or feature on my blog, if they think about citizenship just a little bit more, then I think I’ve done something good; I’ve helped people feel more connected in some way.

Radcliffe Yard

The Harvard Men's League for Women's Suffrage

Olmsted and his peers were following the lead of Radcliffe women down the street. Maud Wood Park, a Radcliffe alum, had founded the College Equal Suffrage League—a club that became a nationwide organization—at the women’s college a decade earlier.