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I Wish They Could Fire Amy Wax For Being a Literal White Supremacist

Though tenured faculty’s “extramural speech” protections are, rightfully, strong, Wax’s case is an extreme test of the vague rules which govern tenure termination. There must be room within the tenure system to dismiss professors who so clearly impair their ability to teach, as Whittington concedes Wax “may well have,” because of inarguable racism. If a student knows their professor views them as inherently inferior, how can learning proceed?

Shelter’s Off Season

Harvard’s student-run shelters are of a rare breed invented here. That their entirely volunteer-based, student-led model works at all is a testament to the goodwill and dedication of students. In an environment inundated with flashier options, they work late night and early morning shifts and choose work genuinely capable of transforming lives. Yet the April 15 cliff we are approaching highlights one way this model bends towards student interests, and inevitably destabilizes the lives of those it is designed to serve.

‘A Slow Motion Version of the Death Penalty’: Why Harvard Shouldn’t Invest In Prisons

What does it mean for the richest university in the world — one which has dedicated $5 million dollars to plumbing its relationship to the institution of slavery, and sent out countless emails affirming its anti-racist commitments — to continue to seek profits from, and therefore uphold, America’s last legal home for slavery?

You Can’t Retract The Damage of The Comaroff Letter

I don’t buy that 38 faculty acted out of mere ignorance, signing a letter supporting Comaroff and unable to fathom that the University possessed knowledge they did not.

Harvard Square Shelters Shouldn’t Have to Hold Lotteries

I drove up to college having never visited, figuring Cambridge was El Dorado. But as good as we’ve gotten at diverting our eyes, we all see the housing crisis; in the reflective blankets that cover those who sleep under the awning that dresses the Coop, in the woman who spends her nights by the Canaday heating vent.

Dissent: What’s Cooler Than an Automated Kitchen? Putting People First.

Marginal improvements to the eating experience aren’t worth embracing a business that, in its seeming pursuit of a utopian eating experience, puts being an employer last. Waiting in line for a meal (or better yet, calling ahead) isn’t that bad, but heralding the arrival of a Harvard Square business that, long term, will likely employ fewer people than nearly any other restaurant would, is.

Dissent: We Shouldn’t Stop Listening — The Case for Prison Divestment

Arguing that the conditions in prison prisons do not reach the standard of degrading human life or harming the systematically disadvantaged is illogical and facetious.

Home, with a Capital H

It’s weird and exceptional for anyone to go to Harvard, but in the context of my school, family, and city, it’s stand-outish enough to be defining. And I kind of hate that.