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Daniel L. Leonard

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The Illogical Case for Space

I urge my fellow space enthusiasts to recognize that our passion is not shared by everyone; in response, we should always be looking for cheaper and more efficient ways to carry out the big goals that we would love to see accomplished.

In Case of Emergency, Go Up

Global crises like the coronavirus pandemic remind us of the frailty of our species, and the threat of human extinction could outweigh the numerous costs of a Martian settlement.

Dissent: We Shouldn’t Stop Listening — The Case for Prison Divestment

Arguing that the conditions in prison prisons do not reach the standard of degrading human life or harming the systematically disadvantaged is illogical and facetious.

Dear Elon: There Is No Planet B

There is no Planet B. This fact shouldn’t scare us; instead, it should make us cherish our home on Planet A.

With Space Travel, Fiction is More Exciting than Fact

I encourage my fellow space enthusiasts — I know there are many at Harvard — to be patient. If it takes 50 more years to reach another planet, that’s okay. In the meantime, we can always watch “Star Trek.”

Why is Academic Writing so Confusing?

If the purpose of academic writing is to clearly communicate one’s ideas and research to the reader, then writing that is difficult to understand is bad writing. Period.