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Gabrielle T. Langkilde

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Pasefika Graduates, We See and Celebrate You

We see you, and we will continue to celebrate you, because your graduation means so much more than just a culmination of the tests that you have passed and the assignments you’ve completed.

Holding Each Other from a Distance

Now more than ever we must hold and take care of each other, but the best way to do that is from a distance.

Football Island: The Hunting Ground for Our Samoan Brothers

While football has undoubtedly provided a pathway towards success and upward mobility for many in our community, we must reevaluate the effects of this dominant narrative of American Samoa as “Football Island."

Dissent: We Shouldn’t Stop Listening — The Case for Prison Divestment

Arguing that the conditions in prison prisons do not reach the standard of degrading human life or harming the systematically disadvantaged is illogical and facetious.

Education or Indigenous Erasure?

The American school system, curriculum, and methodologies for measuring intelligence do not capture the genius of my community.

Transforming a Community into a Family: What Harvard Could Learn From Home

As far as community building goes, I think that Harvard could learn a lot from Pasefika communities and their dedication to the value of family.