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Gabrielle T. Langkilde

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Dissent: We Shouldn’t Stop Listening — The Case for Prison Divestment

Arguing that the conditions in prison prisons do not reach the standard of degrading human life or harming the systematically disadvantaged is illogical and facetious.

Education or Indigenous Erasure?

The American school system, curriculum, and methodologies for measuring intelligence do not capture the genius of my community.

Transforming a Community into a Family: What Harvard Could Learn From Home

As far as community building goes, I think that Harvard could learn a lot from Pasefika communities and their dedication to the value of family.

When Discipline Becomes Silence

It is our place to speak, whether it’s about what we are struggling with or what we don’t agree with. Having respect, discipline, and appreciation in everything we do is not mutually exclusive with speaking up.

The Militarization of the Pacific

We belong — and are in fact desperately needed — in higher education and other professional spaces, and those pathways need to be made more accessible to us.

My Culture is Not Your Costume

When you make our traditional wear into costumes, you are not celebrating us — you are making our histories into myths to tell around the campfire, our cultures into popular trends in the media.

This Land is Not Your Land — It’s Our Land

With next week Monday being Indigenous Peoples’ Day, I push you to not only participate in the celebration of all indigenous people and their beautiful cultures, but also reflect deeply about the oceans you have traversed and the land you are currently occupying.