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We Got the Covid Vaccine & Here's How It Went

Since last March, Covid has been the only thing on people’s minds (...and Driver’s License, but we all knew that), but there is light at the end of the tunnel! With the vaccine rolling out across the country, we thought we’d give you all of the details to help you prepare for your dose.

Quiz: Which Harvard Movie/Show Are You?

Missing Harvard? Binge-watching every movie ever that references your beloved university? Bored out of your mind and in need of a personality quiz that tangentially relates to both Harvard and your Netflix obsession? Find out what movie you should star in when you finally get back to campus!

Should You Take a Leave of Absence?

Figuring out whether taking a leave of absence is the best choice for you can be tough. As the time to make your decision about next semester arrives, we’ve created this flowchart to help you think about what’s best for you this spring. We know there are a ton of factors to consider: when you want to graduate, your mental health, opportunities, housing availability, personal fulfillment, and more. This chart is a major oversimplification of the decision making process, but for those of you on the fence about taking the spring semester off, we hope it helps!