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Love It/Hate It: Discussion Posts

While these joyful (or not so joyful) assignments have always been a fan-favorite of professors, they've taken an even stronger hold on syllabi during virtual classes. Maybe you love them, maybe you hate them, maybe you're totally indifferent – either way, our writers have strong feelings and are ready to share them!

Why We Declared The Most Popular Concentrations at Harvard

Sure, the semester is online, but that didn’t stop sophomores from having to declare their concentrations mid-November. Picking what to study can range from easy-as-Thanksgiving-pie to difficult-difficult-lemon-difficult, so here’s some perspective from folks at Flyby who decided they wanted to be part of the two most popular concentrations at Harvard.

Love it/Hate it: Required Cameras On

Are you a brain-on-camera-on person or a napping-during-class-camera-off person? Turns out it doesn't matter when keeping your camera on in class is a requirement... Is this new measure of class attendance something to love or something to hate?

Best Snacks for Zoom Class

It’s your first class of the semester, and the professor begins to run through the course expectations: camera on, stay muted unless speaking, participate in breakout rooms. You may be thinking that maybe this whole online class thing won’t be so bad: there are plenty of positives, such as watching pre-recorded labs without having to dump your mostly-full iced coffee at the door.