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‘The Hardest Summer You’ll Ever Love’: Inside PBHA’s Summer Urban Program

In recruitment materials, PBHA describes a summer spent staffing its Summer Urban Program as “the hardest summer you’ll ever love.” But some counselors felt unprepared for just how hard it would be, and left the program disillusioned with public service at PBHA, wondering if doing social good must necessarily come at the cost of their own well-being.

The Unprecedented UC President

“Harvard University claims to produce future leaders,” Michael wrote. “But constantly telling young people they’re leaders seems to bring out some of their worst qualities.”

Brave New Crossworld

The mood is unexpectedly intense for a light-hearted crossword extravaganza called the “Winter Wondersolve.” The three-hour-long virtual tournament is hosted by Boswords, a Boston-based crossword organization.

The Journey of a Covid Test

While many colleges have implemented regular testing as part of their reopening strategies, Harvard has gone a step further in establishing a self-sufficient testing site at the Harvard University Clinical Laboratory.