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Other Places to Check Out in Beantown

Name: Petit Robert Bistro Address: 468 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA 02215 Telephone: 617-375-0699 Hours: 11 a.m. – 11 p.m. Maison

Almost Famous

Ben and Casey, Paris and Nikki, Jessica and Ashley. For every blinged-out star, there’s an obscure sibling lurking in the

Editors' Notes

FM has always been much cooler than me. When I was a freshman, writers’ meetings intimidated me because I could



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5—Triple Five Soul's messenger bag



3—III Parcel's CD unit

Shack Up

Crouching in front of our booth and leaning his arms on the edge of the table, John, our server extraordinaire,

The Height of Elegance

Hordes of hungry parents and their graduated progeny descend on Square restaurants this week. This much we know. If you

Barking Up The Right Tree

Owing to my mother’s insatiable appetite for seafood and my father’s idiosyncratic habit of driving until he finds “authentic” restaurants,



In the narrow, college-admissions sense of the word, legacy means family history advantageously intertwined with one’s alma mater. FM expands


Legacy: The Classmates

Hialeah High School isn’t exactly the kind of place that draws a large contingent of celebrity kids, but Harvard is

In The Meantime

Throwing The Knuckleball

Rohit Chopra '04 Rohit shares his views on Harvard and prison love over noodles and beer with FM in the

In The Meantime

Heads of the Class

School has ended, but the students are still here. Michaela O. Daniel ’03 has asked her 7th and 8th grade

For The Moment

Extreme Interning

Shortly after he finished finals last spring, Graham M. Gephart ’04 threw a kayak, a mountain bike, three pairs of


Jesus, Etc.

Smiling in all-knowing way, the Rev. Peter J. Gomes wags an authoritative finger at me and diagnoses, “You’ve got a