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Charlie Brown Charms in Mather

You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown Mather House, April 17-19 You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, the musical by Clark

Review: Bard's Classic Comedy Comes to Quincy

Twelfth Night Quincy House Dining Hall, April 10-12 Quincy House Theatre experienced a renaissance this weekend with the opening

The Art of War

In the studio of Nancy C. Selvage, director of the ceramics program at the Office for the Arts, a sculpture

‘Conduct of Life’ Examines Family Love, Torture

The characters in Marie Irene Fornes’ Conduct of Life bring to mind the Addams’ Family theme song. They’re creepy and

Quincy, The People's House

It’s 6 p.m., you’re near the Yard, you’re hungry and you’re not a Yardling. You’ve racked up an ABP bill



In the narrow, college-admissions sense of the word, legacy means family history advantageously intertwined with one’s alma mater. FM expands


Let's Go...To the Middle of Nowhere

What’s a nice Jewish girl like you doing in a place like this? I was in northern Michigan in a


Legacy: The Celebrity

It’s often local news when someone from a small town attends Harvard, but Laura E. Spence ’04 became more famous


Local Group Creates New Culture With Dance, Drums

On Sunday mornings, parishioners line up at the First Church of Cambridge to make their peace with God. But Saturday

For The Moment

String Theory

Which two professors in the physics department would make the best couple? Who is the worst teacher? If tossed from

Food and Drink

A Poor Puppet's Hour On Stage

“Make sure that you don’t tip back too far—your head will roll off,” Emily J. Carmichael ’04 says calmly during



Atop the truck hosting Lowell House’s tailgate, HoCo Treasurer BRIAN J. HAYES ’03 hoists his funnel high in celebration of the 119th Game Saturday afternoon.

Food and Drink

The Highwayman Comes Riding

Last November, the annual Young Playwrights Festival in New York debuted Nursery by Julia Jarcho’03-’04, a play hailed in The

Food and Drink

In the Beginning, There Was the Word

“People drank a lot of beer, and I wasn’t into that,” Dara Horn ’99 explained to the crowd at Wordsworth



The Contenders: There aren’t many people who can claim to be the world’s 1,214th best Scrabble player. In fact, there