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In fourth grade, my class held an Invention Convention. After a week of compiling lists of things that bugged us,


Legacy: The Small Town Girl

Cozily sporting fuzzy purple slippers, Danielle V. Brown ’05 says she loves the snow. Brown hails from Durango, a tiny



In the narrow, college-admissions sense of the word, legacy means family history advantageously intertwined with one’s alma mater. FM expands

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Welcome to Our World of Drastic Markdowns

FAO Schwarz, the Toys ’R Us of Fifth Avenue, has been delighting bright-eyed children and memorabilia-mad collectors with its pricey

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Hot Shots

Students at Harvard tend to complain—about reading assignments, dining-hall food, the distance from the Quad to the river and the


Anagrams Up the Ssa

It is evening in the Dunster dining hall, and three Harvard men have convened to test their wits. Coffee is

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From the Mixed-Up Files of Mr. Byron Satterlee Hurlbut

With the name Byron Satterlee Hurlbut, he had to have a sense of humor. Hurlbut served as the Dean of


What in the Lord's Name is Going On?

On a cool Sunday morning in the Back Bay, a crowd of 400 pours into the unadorned auditorium of John


The story of one former student member of the BCC

In November 1991, Chris Lee, then a sophomore at MIT, was invited by a friend in his orchestra to join


The story of one student recruited by the BCC

R. Michael Meagher ’02 was recruited by the BCC his first year. As Meagher walked through the Yard on his


The Second Most Magical Place on Earth

I tell people at Harvard I am from Orlando but, actually, I grew up at Disney World. The important events

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Sundae School

Way down South in Dixie, the Yankees and their World Series loss is not on the brain. In Florida especially,


Rape Happens at Harvard

On April 13, 1999, the Harvard Faculty voted to dismiss Joshua M. Elster, class of 2000. After over a year

Gore Aide Promotes Preventitive Foreign Policy

The senior foreign policy advisor to Vice President Al Gore '69 last night defended his candidate's national security proposals, labeling