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Well I’m Not Dumb But I Can’t Understand: ‘Lola’ Confuses

Edie Meidav’s “Lola, California” is a veritable epic of a novel, in which one word will never suffice when a paragraph can be written, and any omission is a deathly oversight.

Visual Arts

As Foster Finalist, Siegel's Profile Rises

A major concern within the contemporary art world: if only the works of a few artists are ever displayed, how ...


On The Road

It might appear that making art poses the real challenge; selling should be easy. But to the traveling art student, the creating is easy; it’s the selling that’s hard.


James Fuller ’10

James C. Fuller ’10 walks like a ballet dancer, bouncing up on the balls of his feet with each step, even in everyday tennis shoes.


Brand and Hill Hit Boston Before 'Greek'

“‘Arthur’’s going to be out next year and it’s going to be a fantastic film,” Brand said. “I’m going to be nude a lot.”


‘The Losers’ Win Hearts and World War III

“I just tend to play smart-asses.”


Accidental Discovery of Black Silicon Holds Practical Applications

A treatment accidentally discovered in the laboratory of physics professor Eric Mazur has the potential to vastly increase the effectiveness of silicon.


‘League’ Stars Not About the Looks

Alice Eve and Krysten Ritter are two very busy women. Promoting their upcoming romantic comedy, “She’s Out of My League,” they have been making a whirlwind tour of America, stopping in Boston in late February to screen the movie and orchestrate some publicity.

Leah Rehearsal


March 25-27


Red Riding Trilogy

The best word to describe “Red Riding Trilogy” is “epic.” Clocking in at five hours (not including intermissions) the trilogy is emotional, stimulating, beautiful, and haunting.


Lightspeed Champion

This variety makes Hynes’ newest album, “Life is Sweet! Nice to Meet You,” difficult to classify. It is too emotionally charged to be relaxed, but too relaxed to be emotionally moving.