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'First Class' Revitalizes X-Men Franchise

With a poignant message, winning cast and compelling plot—all coming in a summer inundated with mediocre superhero movies—“X-Men: First Class” is a breath of fresh air in a franchise that has long needed some kind of mutation of its own.


Out With the Old, In With the New

Though the personal computers available in 1986 were roughly 300 times slower than today’s laptops, they began what would become a technological revolution on Harvard’s campus.


John D. Rockefeller IV

Jay Rockefeller, a U.S. Senator from West Virginia for the last 26 years, has his career serving in a variety of political roles in the state.

Senior Portrait: Tyler G. Hall '11
On Campus

Tyler G. Hall '11

Some people spend their time painting elaborate portraits in studios, writing meters of circular prose, playing in bands, or practicing ...


Senior Gift Committee Releases Video

The senior gift committee recently released a video featuring University President Drew G. Faust, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid William R. Fitzsimmons '67, and other faculty members in order to remind seniors of the importance of the senior gift program.

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Vestis Strikes Up Fashionable Conversation

Last Friday, the Harvard Vestis Council brought a new intimate feel to their annual fashion show “Cocktails and Couture.”

Harvard Business School
Harvard Business School

HBS Topped by Stanford in US News Rankings

Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business topped Harvard Business School in U.S. News and World Report’s recently released rankings of the best business schools.


'Jane Eyre' a Creepy Recreation

Though not entirely successful in the endeavor, Cary Fukunaga's film distinguishes itself as a unique adaptation of Brontë’s novel by shifting the story’s tone from one of a classical romance to one of a dark and troubled love affair.

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The LHO’s rendition of Leonard Bernstein’s comic operetta seeks to continue this tradition of innovation.


'Take Me Home Tonight'

The film is filled with poignant moments that call for its characters to take risks and face their fears about the future, a situation to which many viewers can easily relate.

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ES20 Cultivates Scientific Artistry

Engineering Sciences 20 takes a new look at the creative process

Clare M. C. Whitehead ’12
On Campus

Portrait of an Artist: Clare M.C. Whitehead ’12

Cellist Clare M.C. Whitehead ’12 is a chemistry concentrator in Kirkland House. This January, she was elected president of the Harvard- Radcliffe Orchestra.