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In the event that you survive the apocalypse on December 21, 2012, look out for...

10 things to live for in the new year


Finding Harvard’s Missing Legacy

Arthur Kingsley Porter, a Harvard professor, disappeared without a trace in 1929.


Top Ten: Grolier Poetry Book Shop

The top ten best-sellers at Grolier Poetry Bookshop.


Fall Brings Horror and Blood

The Fall movie season brings grit in "Killing Them Softly" and "The Paperboy" as well as the ethereal stylings of "Cloud Atlas." Plus, RPatz.


'Love Thang' Both Hits and Quits

NUTL’s “...It’s a LOVE Thang” redeems a rocky start with a solid second act.

Harvard Square

September Revival Month: Celebrating Harvard Square's Art and Culture

This September, the Harvard Square Business Association is sponsoring a month-long celebration of Harvard Square's artistic and cultural heritage called "Revival Month".

On Campus

Taking A First Look At The Arts First Weekend

A selection of Arts First events not to miss.

On Campus

Locating Media Talk Emphasizes Body

The Carpenter Center's Bring Your Own: Voices of the Contemporary hosts a panel discussion about the body as a site of artistic expression.


‘Oleanna’ Wows Crowd in Winthrop Library

While “Oleanna” gains a great deal of charisma from the performances of its two leads, Anna A. Hagen ’15, and Ronald N. Lacey, its weakness lies in a sense of stagnation as at times the production seems at times overly long and slow to develop.

Art in the 21st Century
Visual Arts

Speaker Makes Art Current

Bringing contemporary artists into a traditional museum setting can make the art relevant to otherwise alienated audiences, specifically racial minorities, art curator and professor Ethan W. Lasser said at the Harvard Faculty Club on Tuesday.

On Campus

‘Boom!’ Resounds in the Adams Pool

Although the singing is sometimes lackluster, the show makes up for this with its actors’ passion and Macleod’s effective direction.


Genome Sequencing Reveals E. coli Diversity

Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard have completed a whole-genome sequencing of the E. coli bacterial strains responsible for the deadly 2011 outbreaks in Germany and France.

Visual Arts

MFA Sheds “Sunlight” On Early Photos

A new exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts displays the works of great photographers from over a century ago.


Meryl Streep Peerless, "Iron Lady" Not

"The Iron Lady" herself shines as Streep gives another masterful career performance, but the rest of the action waffles uncertainly.


Michaelson Returns With Sophistication and Finesse

Michaelson’s fifth studio album reflects her growth as a musician but does not stray too far from her musical roots.