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Black Friday Crowd
The Square

Shop (and Eat!) 'til You Drop

Watching burly men throw around the ol' pigskin got you hungry? How about all those kitschy, glitter-filled floats from the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade? Instead of watching Thanksgiving Day football games or televised holiday events, head out into Harvard Square this Thursday if you're around campus during the break to see what local vendors are offering for the day.

Harvard Medical School

HMS Studies Painkiller Abuse

Harvard Medical School and McLean Hospital researchers recently found that patients addicted to prescription opiate drugs, or painkillers, may be more likely to succeed in treatment with the aid of the medication Suboxone.


Students Go All Out for Halloween

Dressed in an off-white billowy shirt, ripped up khaki pants, and a dirty blue vest, Sarina M. Patterson ’14 portraying Captain Jack Sparrow was a physical manifestation of the lively Halloween festivities that occurred on Harvard campus on Monday.

School of Public Health

Study: More Soda, More Violence

Teenagers who consume large amounts of soda are more likely to display violent tendencies, according to a study recently conducted ...

School of Public Health

Gestational Exposure to BPA Increases Behavioral Risk for Daughters

Exposure during pregnancy to Bisphenol A, a chemical commonly found in plastics and consumer goods, is linked to behavioral and emotional problems in young girls, according to a new study.

Food and Drink

HSPH Study Says Better Diet Leads to Healthier Sperm

Diets rich in processed grains and red meat impaired sperm motility when compared to healthier diets that included fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, a study said.

School of Public Health

School of Public Health Study Finds Link Betwen Depression and Stroke

Harvard researchers have provided some of the most conclusive analysis to date indicating that depression can increase the risk of stroke.