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Steven Chu Discusses U.S. Energy Challenges

U.S. Secretary of Energy and Nobel laureate, Steven Chu, entered an auditorium at Northwest Labs to a flurry of applause yesterday afternoon. Chu spoke at this year’s Konrad Bloch Lecture, delivering a talk titled “The Role of Science, Technology and Innovation in Solving the Energy Challenge.”

Harvard in the World

Ivygate Editor To Step Down

The editor-in-chief of the popular Ivy League gossip blog, IvyGate, is stepping down from his position. The site has seen a marked decline in the frequency of new postings in the last two months.




'Staches in November; Exclusive Interview with Harvard Men's Hockey Captain

They call it the 'mo. Mutton chops, handlebars, Fu Manchu—the time-honored mustache has drifted in and out of style. But in November, men around the world throw down their razors and bring back the 'stache.




Psychologists Shine a Light on Occupy Movement

Bright Christmas lights and reused psychology conference posters spell out the word "OCCUPY" in large letters through the seventh story window of William James Hall.

Student Life

Protest To 'Occupy' Yard

Students and faculty members will protest the University’s investment policies and perceived biases in its economics courses at an “Occupy Harvard” rally in Harvard Yard Wednesday night.


Atlas Graphically Illustrates Economic Growth of Nations

A recently released book by Harvard Kennedy School Economist Ricardo Hausmann and MIT Physicist Cesar A. Hidalgo claims to offer ...


Boston Universities Team Up To Help Kids Through Cradles for Crayons

Students, faculty, and staff from Harvard, Boston College, Boston University, MIT, Northeastern, and Wellesley gathered together to volunteer for Cradles ...

Harvard Divinity School

Nigerian Sultan Hopes To Mediate Tensions

Abubakar is on a mission to encourage interfaith dialog and cultivate a stronger national identity for Nigeria, according to panelist Jacob Olupona, who is a professor of African religious traditions at the Harvard Divinity School.

On Campus

Preview: Crave

Despite the ambiguity of physical and biographical information, each character introduces complex facets of human nature into the play through their dialogue and painfully visible emotions.