Meeting Minutes

Senior Class Committee: Senior Week

Senior Class Committee: Senior Week

Marshal: So what about the Senior Scavenger Hunt?

Chair: Almost all planned, just waiting on the open bar.

Marshal: What are the activities?

Chair: Who cares, we’ll just make a vague promotional video.


Dapa President: So what parties are happening this weekend?

Dapa Sophomore: The grant applications submitted so far are for parties in Winthrop D-31, Cabot A-42, Elliot F-21 and Adams K-405 on Friday. We’re waiting to approve one more application for a part—

Dapa President: APPROVED! First we’ll “inspect Cabot for proper party policies” and then “inspect” the rest. OHHH DAMN! This weekend is going to be insane!


President Faust: Next up on the agenda is—


Dean Smith: No, Hammonds we talked about this.

Hammonds: Search their…homes?


President: So what do we want to put on this semester?

Member: What about a modern-day Shakespearen version of “Grease” meets “Hairspray” meets “The Crucible”? Except all the women are played by tutor babies.

President: [Dramatic Pause] No.

Member: But I already made a facebook group! One person might attend; it’s my mom.

President: Too bad, I did that last semester in the Loeb except it was in the dark with glow sticks.

Member: Ok, let’s just do a mediocre version of “West Side Story.”

President: I like where your head’s at.