Bacow, Garber, and Harvard’s 14 School Deans Urge University Affiliates to Vote

Ahead of Election Day, Harvard President Lawrence S. Bacow, Provost Alan M. Garber ’76, and the 14 deans of the University’s schools sent an email to affiliates Friday morning urging them to vote and reaffirming the “values that bind us together as a community.”

Bacow ‘Comfortable’ With Not Designating Election Day a University Holiday

Despite over 1,250 signatures on a petition calling on University President Lawrence S. Bacow to designate Election Day — Nov. 3 — as a University holiday, he declined to do so in an interview with The Crimson Wednesday.

Bacow Launches Committee on Renaming, Taps Faust to Lead

University President Lawrence S. Bacow launched a committee Monday to form “general principles” for renaming spaces, programs, and professorships at Harvard that are linked to “abhorrent” activities.

HR Head Encourages 'Scheduling Flexibility' for Harvard Staff on Election Day

Harvard Vice President for Human Resources Marilyn Hausammann wrote to administrators Friday to ensure managers provide “scheduling flexibility” to enable staff members to vote.

‘There Could Be Nothing More Democratic,’ Bacow Says In Defense of Overseers Election Process

University President Lawrence S. Bacow defended recent changes to the composition of the Board of Overseers — Harvard’s second-highest governing body — in an interview with The Crimson on Friday.

In Welcome Messages, Bacow Stresses Public Health and Activism

In three messages to Harvard affiliates Wednesday, University President Lawrence S. Bacow called on the community to heed public health measures and take care of one another ahead of the start of the fall semester.

In Letter to Bacow, Reps. Cleaver, Kennedy Asks HMC To Disclose Diversity of External Asset Managers

U.S. Representatives Emanuel Cleaver II (D-Mo.) and Joseph P. Kennedy III (D-Mass.) penned a letter to University President Lawrence S. Bacow requesting that Harvard disclose what percentage of its $40.9 billion endowment is managed by firms owned by people of color and women.

Bacow Urges Against Immigration Restrictions in Letter to Secretaries of State, Homeland Security

University President Lawrence S. Bacow urged the federal government to enact “forward-thinking immigration policies”  in a June 2 letter to Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo and Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad F. Wolf.

Harvard’s Fall Semester Planning ‘Likely to Vary by School,’ Bacow Says

University President Lawrence S. Bacow said in an interview with The Crimson Friday that Harvard administrators are considering “all possible scenarios” as they plan for the fall semester but that plans are “likely to vary by school.”

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