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Scene and Heard: "The Woman and The Body"

“We have talked a bit about the vulva, which makes me kind of feel uncomfortable,” says Mason S. Hsieh ’15, chuckling with a mixture of boyish embarrassment and self-deprecation. “I don’t have one,” he continues, “but you know, it’s kind of theoretically fun.” Such is the ostensible plight of the male enrollee in Anthropology 1882: “The Woman and the Body,” a course title that likely evokes horrifying anatomical analysis and indignant feminist angst in the male mind.

Women on the Battlefield: ROTC Responds

Three times a week Charley M. Falletta ’16 beats the sunrise awake. Physical training at 6:30 a.m., an early-morning military science class, a weekly leadership lab: These commitments frame the rhythm of Falletta’s weeks here at Harvard.

Pottery Pro

William S. Murphy '13 ponders ceramics, romance, and life at Harvard. He cheerfully reminisced about the past three years, while looking forward to what the future holds.

Being Black

Baratunde Thurston, on Monday, smiles as he shares some insight to his approach on writing his book "How To Be Black". As a satire fanatic he enjoys the reactions that his book gets when people see the title.

The Art Of Cuddling

Forget about this week’s Indian summer. Winter’s not going anywhere. This year, however, even the Californians among us have FM’s love to keep them warm. To demonstrate our affection, we’ve compiled an instructional guide on how to snuggle your way through the cold upcoming winter months. So grab your favorite cuddle buddy and listen up.

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