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Erin D. Drake

“This is so awkward. Like what? I love cats? What do you want me to tell you?” Erin D. Drake lounges outside Quincy Grille, her legs tucked up into the space next to her on her bench.

Advice to Josh

As the wise and respected social leader on campus, FM was inevitably going to be asked how to be “cool” one of these days. Recently, a first year we’ll call “Josh” (because his real name is Josh) came to us asking how to survive the brutal social life of a male Freshman on campus. Four of FM’s best weighed in to turn Josh’s social woes into social woooooahs.

15 List: If I Had A Million Dollars

Harvard’s new capital campaign aims to raise $6.5 billion dollars, trumping Stanford’s previous record by a cool $300 million just because, you know, we have to be number one. This is great news for students! With $6.5 billion in the bank and about 6,500 undergraduates (give or take), we should each get our fair share of one million dollars. Here’s how to spend yours. Harvard, we take cash or credit, but prefer direct deposit.